RNC Fund Raising Event To Feature . . . Andrew Breitbart??


After Breitbart’s spectacular expose fail over Shirley Sherrod’s supposed evil bigotry you’d think the Repubs might want to distance themselves from him a bit.

Think again my friends.  Not only are they not distancing themselves, they are apparently embracing his brand of *journalism* by having him be a featured player at an upcoming swanky fund raising event in Beverly Hills, CA.

According to the invitation, which TPM was able to get a copy of, for a mere $5,000 contribution you too can attend a Welcome Reception on Thursday featuring none other than Chairman Michael Steele and Andrew Breitbart.

Well, why not, anyway?  While most normal people were pretty much aghast over the treatment of Sherrod by not only Breitbart and his flying monkeys but also the mainstream media and her boss and all his flying monkeys, the conservative crowd doesn’t seem to want to let go of her.

In a piece almost breath taking for its combination of arrogant assertions that Shirley Sherrod is A LIAR if not a racist and total lack of understanding of the implications of a basic word in the English language, to wit “lynching”, simple minded idiot Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator* tries to convince us that she really is the villain of the piece after all.

After patting himself on the back that he actually managed to watch the video of Sherrod’s talk all the way to the end, he obsesses over the fact that she told a story about a relative of hers who had been brutally beaten to death by a mob in the early 40’s and the consequences of this (the killers’ conviction was overturned, duh).  In telling this story she used the term “lynched”.  Correctly.  The essence of the term “lynch” is that the killing involves mob action without legal sanction.  I Google’d this in about 3 seconds.  But our Jeffrey can’t comprehend this.  Apparently lynching MUST INVOLVE HANGING OR IT IS NOT A LYNCHING AT ALL AND SHE IS A LIAR AFTER ALL!!11!1

Dear god.

Oh, and for good measure Sherrod also didn’t point out that the Supreme Court Justices who overturned the conviction of the lynchers were considered the progressives of their time (having supported the New Deal) but at least one was a member of the KKK and so therefore she is a RACIST LIAR for not owning up that all progressives are RACIST LIARS to this day.  Or something like that, the spittle was blocking the inside of my monitor and I had to get out of there.

*Intentionally did not linkie to the stinkie.  If you want to experience the warm flow of revulsion on your own you can pick it up on the Google or Memeorandum.

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Breitbart is completely out of place at the RNC; he’s a lying sack of shit, and…um…never mind. 

Steve M has the ultimate devastating takedown on the AmSpec’s use of ‘lynching’.

I, for one, am glad to see that America is still a place where a hardworking professional cock-polisher like Andy Breitbart can still aspire to become a First-Class Ass-Licker for a party that will cut him loose as soon as they find someone who tickles their nutsack with finer dexterity—say, Tucker Carlson, the Hero of Journolist.

And they’ll take a picture of Andy shaking hands with Steele and wave it around so proudly.

“See, we’re not racist! Michael, put that silverware down. You know we don’t trust you with it! Now come tell your people to vote Republican!”

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