RNC Votes Unanimously To Cut Off Nose; Spite Face


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Well, it’s official, the Republican National committee is carrying out its threatened punishment of CNN and NBC over the networks’ plans to air a movie on imaginary 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.  After getting wind of the film project, the RNC’s Prince Rebus sent protest letters to the heads of both networks, followed up by a protracted media-blitz pout.

Here’s a taste of the letters:

[A]s American citizens, certainly you recognize why many are astounded at your actions, which appear to be a major network’s thinly-veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election.

And the “unkindest cut of all”:

If you have not agreed to pull this programming prior to the start of the RNC’s Summer Meeting on August 14[, 2013], I will seek a binding vote of the RNC stating that the committee will neither partner with you in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates which you sponsor.

Being a man of his word, the Prince did, indeed, put the matter to a vote at this week’s Republican Summer Camp in Boston.  And, sure enough, those folks voted UNANIMOUSLY!!1!byGOD! to boycott the networks involved, except, of course, for FOX, which is actually in talks to produce the film and, without whom, NBC and CNN would have nothing to broadcast.  Ah, the Free Market irony of it all . . .

On Sunday’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, Prince Rebus detailed the excruciatingly painful logic that allows that to happen, thus:

The big question for me, Candy, is, No. 1 , which company is putting it on the air, who’s doing the work. I’m not interested if they’re using the same caterer, or whether they all drink Diet Coke. I’m not boycotting Diane Lane.  I’m going to boycott the company that puts the miniseries and the documentaries on the air for the American people to view.

Candy Crowley wasn’t buying it but Priebus soldiered on:

Some researcher at CNN or NBC worked for a few days to find some little connection somewhere down the road to bring something into this debate. I think it’s totally ridiculous and stupid. The fact is, what channel am I going to tune into to see the documentary and miniseries?

[“Some little connection” like making the damn film?]

Of course the whole business is as lame as only the RNC can make it.  Probably, one of the best things that can happen to a Republican Presidential Primary debate is containment.  You turn those crazies loose and next thing you know you’re spending all of your time doing damage control.  Might as well just hold the debates right in the asylum where professional spin doctors are on-duty and equipped to bury the traces of gaffes, lies and stupid, quickly.

Of course, conventional wisdom might expect a political party on a losing streak to actually want to reach a wider audience.  To pull in some new blood, some independents and swing voters but, three years out, it looks like the GOP has already decided that growing the base is “not all that.”

And since they have debates on their minds, a whole slew of other bright ideas are blubbing to the top like having people who really care about Conservatives, and their special needs, serving as debate moderators—forward thinkers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.  Seriously.

According to Priebus:

. . . there’s a lot of good people out there that can actually understand the base of the Republican Party, the primary voters.

Which is to say old white male extremists who actually get out of the LazyBoy and vote in Republican primaries [otherwise known as “the GOP problem” as opposed to “the GOP solution”.]

For those of you who thought that 2012 was a low water mark for Republican presidential primaries, Prince Rebus wants you to know—you ain’t seen NOTHING yet.

This is going to be a long, slow tortuous and very public death.



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Let’s just state the obvious about this situation:

Tastes like chicken.

It takes the old whinge about the so-called “liberal media” a bit further (although it has always defied logic how this liberal media is a multi-billion dollar corporate enterprise competing in the free market of a supposedly center-right country)—from being a “challenge” to the beleagured right-wing view, to now being treated as a positive handicap. Could they really be so nervous that some future Candy Crowley will throw a flag on the field again with an actual act of journalism?

Uh. Yes. Probably deservedly so. But I think Priebus is really just absurdly grinding a “poor little Republican us against the big bad Clinton media machine” to amuse the punters. You know. The big bad media machine that aired her husband’s laundry and his intern’s unlaundered business to all and sundry for years.

Appropos of nothing, anyone wanna bet Priebus smells a little like sour milk in person?

Actually, I think that Priebus is right on this approach.  This will allow the RNC to claim to be unsoiled in their effort to hide from the electorate what their candidates actually want to do to the country.  Except for Fox viewers, who share those goals.

Gosh, it seems to me that the whole Citizens United case was about the Republicans wanting to air a TV movie about Hillary Clinton.
Now they don’t want any one else to do it?

The GOPers moved into their ghetto and now they’re walling it off.

You know, I hope everyone here is accurate in their predictions, but something bothers me about this whole deal.  Should we really just assume that a FOX-produced biopic about Hillary Clinton is going to be all sweetness and electoral roses?  Can any adult over age 30 have an all-positive biopic made of them, especially a politician?

I know Obama’s supposed to be the guy with eleventy-dimensional chess skills, but what if all the current rethug whining and thrashing about is actually to force these movies to be made, and make the public demand (even if its an astroturfed “demand”)to see them, and they aren’t much more than anti-Hillary screeds?  Remember folks, this is the GOP’s last stand coming up and they’ve got new blood in the planning department other than just Rove. 

I’m just not that sanguine about this one.

@SoS verrrrrrry interesting theory.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see . . .

but what if all the current rethug whining and thrashing about is actually to force these movies to be made, and make the public demand (even if its an astroturfed “demand”)to see them, and they aren’t much more than anti-Hillary screeds?  Remember folks, this is the GOP’s last stand coming up

Rethug long term planning strategy assumes facts not in evidence. ;-)

This is going to be a long, slow tortuous and very public death.

Come on, now, don’t tease us, or promise what might not take place. 

You’re dead right, though, about the self-sabotaging spoiled-brat pique of limiting the viewership to the loons and mouth breathers that watch Fox News and are already on board.  Nothing says “fringe cult” like a “national debate” on a single network known for its crackpot partisanship and outright dishonesty.  Well played, Prince!

Hmm, now I’ve read reports that FOX has bailed out of the producer position; maybe the rethugs really can’t plan their way out of a paper bag*. 

*FSM, please hear me on this one!

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