Robert Johnson Had A Birthday Yesterday

About 80 years ago, he learned everything he could from Satan…

...and taught as much as he knew how to Eric Clapton and Bass Guitar Colossus Jack Bruce.

Happy Birthday, Robert! My generation owes you the perpetual abuse of at least three unforgettable chords.

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And today is now Blues Day at my desk.  Excellent timing, Strange, old chum.  I can’t decide which blues legend to follow up with.  I suppose I should stay on the delta with B. B. King and John Lee Hooker.  I’ll wander back by with links later.

The person who claimed to have made a deal with the devil to gain guitar wizardry was a contemporary of Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson(not related), who spent the bulk of his adult life in an alcoholic fog.

Even so, he was obviously spoofing someone.

Tommy Johnson (1896 – November 1, 1956) was an influential American delta blues musician, who recorded in the late 1920s, and was known for his eerie falsetto voice and intricate guitar playing

YIKES! Sounds like Tommy Johnson was intended to be the prototype biological matrix for Neil Young. (at least until you hear him
sing and play)

TJ is one of those blues impresarios whose music could saw through prison bars, giggity.

Thanks for correcting my flawed surmise about Robert Johnson. Now do me a favor—get on the phone, take five minutes out of your day and tell Eric Clapton. He’s been spreading the Robert Johnson story for decades. Thanks!

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