Romney Abandons Abandonment of the 47%

The wheels fell off Mitt Romney’s Etch A Sketch last night when he appeared on ace racebaiter Sean Hannity‘s show to denounce Mitt Romney for denouncing 47% of Americans a while back as shiftless scroungers not worthy of his time and effort.

This is Mitt Romney doubling down on September 17:

I believe the point I was made is that the president starts off with a large number of the voters, 47, 48, 49 percent, something like that. These are people who are in his camp and, uh, they will vote for him almost no matter what. ...  I point out I recognize that among those that pay no tax, approximately 47 percent of Americans, I’m not likely to be highly successful with the message of lowering taxes. ... And so I then focus on those individuals who I believe are most likely to be able to be pulled into my camp and help me win the 51 or 50.1 percent that I need to become the next President.

Romney said that his remarks were “not elegantly stated,” but added that he won’t back down from them. “It’s a message which I’m going to carry and continue to carry,” he said.

This is Mitt Romney yesterday, not backing down:

“Well, clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of question and answer sessions, now and then you’re going to say something that doesn’t come out right. In this case I said something that’s just completely wrong.”

This will have come as news to the likes of Mary Matalin, Hannity himself, and the hordes of other rightwingers who’ve been joyfully applauding and amplifying Romney’s secret spiel to super-rich sots:

“There are makers and takers, there are producers and there are parasites,” she said. “Americans can distinguish between those who have produced and paid in through no fault of their own and because of Obama’s horrible policies who cannot get a job or are underemployed. That’s what the campaign is about.”

But Mitt’s running for office, for Pete’s sake!

Erick Erickson and the denizens of RedState, and all points right are currently desperately scouring their health plans to see whether they cover epistemic whiplash and acute cases of egg on face.

More: Oh and uh, yeah, Mitt, while we’re talking percentages:

US unemployment falls below 8%, the lowest since Barack Obama took office, in a boost for the president as the presidential campaign heats up

That distant rumbling you can hear is goalposts being moved. Oh America, why can’t you fail on cue so that Mitt can become your president?

More more: News of the “walkback” doesn’t meet with unanimous approval at American Thinker:


What a bunch of crap, by Mitt, this writer, and Mitt’s campaign staff. What Mitt said was RIGHT and not only that, it would have teed up a great debate counter point - but now the weenie has gone McCain on us and completely ruined his debate tail winds. What a pathetic alternative we have.


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Mitt might be able to walk back his excursion into the swampland of Wingnuttia because so much of the country is unengaged, but Mitt’s contempt for his underlings may be the only genuine thing about him. It can’t help seeping out.

Sorry you didn’t get to relish winning more than one news cycle, Willard!

The stain/stench of being an entitled rich fuck is something most Americans will never forget, and also never forgive.  Keep romancing that lovely pullet, Rmoney….

Too bad Mitt can’t be forced to sit down and have a long talk with this man, sadly, he’s gone. Fred Rogers testifying before Congress in 1969 and defending the gross, wasteful expenditure of 20 MILLION !!!111!!!!1!1!!11!!11!1

By the way, that testimony was given in 1969,. that massive 20 MILLION DOLLARS was budgeted in the midst of a 10-year long military debacle in Vietnam.
H/T to Mufaroo in this TBogg thread

Comment by HumboldtBlue on 10/05/12 at 10:54 AM

Why, oh why do I not just wait for Pierce to vivisect David Brooks, so that I can laugh instead of puke?

Seriously, this high school diary entry, bordered in tiny hearts and “Mrs. David Romney” scrawls, has put me off my feed so bad, I can barely think of ways to snark on it.

Comment by Lowkey on 10/05/12 at 12:08 PM

Poor Mitt, how dare “The Help” infiltrate those quiet rooms!

Too bad Mitt can’t be forced to sit down and have a long talk with this man, sadly, he’s gone. Fred Rogers testifying before Congress in 1969 and defending the gross, wasteful expenditure of 20 MILLION!!

Wow, this comment is really beautiful, an anomaly for Youtube:

PBS is far from useless. As a born in America child of Vietnamese immigrant parents, PBS taught me most of what I knew about English and American culture before school stepped in. With America being known as the melting pot for immigrants, I believe I am only one of millions who feel that way from my generation alone.

Comment by Big Bad Bald Bastard on 10/05/12 at 07:07 PM
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