Romney Camp: Standing on the Corpses of Giants

ThinkProgress catches Romney surrogate Rudy “A Noun and a Verb, and 9/11” Giuliani being just a tad too candid from the safe confines of Fox News.

BILL HEMMER (HOST): David Axelrod made the claim Mitt Romney is doing his best to exploit this. Is there argument to be made there? How was this handled on?

GIULIANI: He should be, he should be exploiting it. I mean, there is real chance, there is a cover-up here. They’re trying to run out the clock. Hillary Clinton appoints a commission that will investigate. They will not report until next January or February.

The appropriate course of action would naturally be to come to conclusions before bothering to conduct any investigation, following the lead of Darrell Issa.

Meanwhile, Fox Nation has apparently outsourced its content provision to Babelfish:*

WaPo Juices Another Poll for Another Obama Nothing

In the third-from-the-bottom paragraph in the Washington Post’s article — the 17th paragraph — on its new poll out this morning, showing President Obama leading, 49 percent to 46 percent, among likely voters:

Partisan identification fluctuates from poll to poll as basic orientations shift and with the sampling variability that accompanies each randomly selected sample of voters. In the current poll, Democrats outnumber Republicans by nine percentage points among likely voters; the previous three Post-ABC polls had three-, six- and five-percentage-point edges for Democrats. The presidential contest would now be neck and neck nationally with any of these margins.

Any help on this ... Jennifer Rubin?

Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger

under the Post’s poll manipulator if you go to D +3 (still very generous) Romney is up by 2 where just about every other poll is

Me neither. It seems a rather wordy translation of WAAAAH.

Talking of running out the clock, Mitt Romney is rapidly running out of quiet Fridays on which to drop his tax returns—at this stage, just one full set is obviously far more than you people deserve.

Too much crazy out there for me to cover right now. HALP!

* I’m being mean. It only used Babelfish for the inexplicable headline, outsourcing the rest to Jim Geraghty at NRO, who doesn’t understand polling, or if he does understand it, doesn’t like it one bit.

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All About Rudy:

When it isn’t all about Rudy, it’s still all about Rudy.

He revived his political career off a ton of tragic death, and look what it did for him, so why shouldn’t Romney do the same? Though Romney is less operatic—I think of him as more of a Zombie as opposed to Rudy’s Nosferatu.

If the president had told us to go shopping in the wake of the Benghazi attack I would have felt so much better.

I think he should have stood astride the ruins with a bullhorn and a little hat. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Great title.  When I think about Mitt Romney, I think about how appalled his father would be.

Mitt’s dad was no saint, but yes, I think he had limits whose depths his son has yet to fully descend beyond in his quest for a trophy honorific.

Giuliani made millions by pimping 9/11, and we almost ended up with crooked (now incarcerated) right-hand man Bernie Kerik as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  All the while, in the real world, Giuliani’s prominence on 9/11 was due to the fact that he’d screwed up royally by locating his command center at Ground Zero (which had been attacked previously, of course).  Rudy was wandering the streets because he had nowhere to go.

What a ghoulish shyster!

Oh dear oh dear.

Greg Sargent @ThePlumLineGS

@jimgeraghty @brithume Serious question: Can you point to a single poll showing Romney down that you did find methodologically sound?

jimgeraghty ‏@jimgeraghty

@ThePlumLineGS For fuck’s sake, you relentless whiner, the Battleground poll is 48D-44R , has Romney down, and is fine.

jimgeraghty @jimgeraghty

@ThePlumLineGS If you don’t like my assessments of poll samples, unfollow and/or go fuck yourself. Nobody asked you.

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