Romney has a plan!

He is a man with a plan!  A five, count ‘em, five, points plan to rescue our economy.  Thank goodness he came to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds here the other day to share them with Colorado!

Look, here is a picture of Mitt showing us his detailed and comprehensive plan:


And here are all five of Mitt’s points:

Energy independence:  Drill, baby, drill!

Skills to succeed:  Vouchers for all!

Trade:  Free trade agreements with everyone!  Also, too, bust unions.

Federal deficit:  Cuts everywhere!  So long Social Security and Medicare.

Small business:  Bust unions!  Cut taxes!  Decimate regulations!  Repeal ObamaCare!  Also, did I say bust unions?




12,000,000 new jobs bitchez!  BOOM!

Well, as they say, if you’re going to dream, might as well dream big.

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And yet his current tax plan will make everything worse for everyone except the rich who, of course, get huge breaks and don’t have to keep their money or themselves here as the U.S. collapses under a pile of debt and an increasing number of poor living in conditions closer to a third world nation.

There’s something very “off-the-shelf” about Romney’s campaign, and his economic policy, such as it is, is no exception—he’s definitely not futzing with the Republican brand. “Republican supply-side in original flavor, and our new exciting Extra vanilla version (Psych, there’s only one flavor….shit sandwich.)”

The Mittbot spews out messages and pseudo-plans in the most random fashion,  They are scrambled packages of right-wing messaging.  It is clear that he has, in fact, no personal economic philosophy at all other than enriching people like himself. Passionless and robotic. It’s weird and why nobody can relate to him including all those planning to vote for him.

There’s something very “off-the-shelf” about Romney’s campaign

Nicely put. The man hasn’t had a single original idea, and I don’t think he’s even cared enough to find out what all the boilerplate positions are.

I just think he’s not even trying right now.  I mean 12 million new jobs?  From more oil leases and school vouchers?  Oh, and repealing ObamaCare of course.  Not to mention the drastic spending cuts he’s calling for would eliminate lord knows how many jobs to start with.  Where the heck are his handlers letting him say this kind of stuff?  Or do they really not care any more either?

Where the heck are his handlers letting him say this kind of stuff?  Or do they really not care any more either?

They’ve got nothing else.  Of course, they hope that Obama hate will cause the base not to notice that the craptastic policy is the same policy which tanked the economy under Dubya.

Huh. Or his plan could kill 360,000 jobs in 2013.

“Or do they really not care any more either?”

I believe that Romney is simply counting on enough Americans who basically hate Democrats, one, and hate our black president, two, to push him over the top.  Basically, anybody who really listens to him would never vote for him unless they fall into one of the two aforementioned categories.  There are people out there who wouldn’t vote for Jesus Hisowndamself if He ran as a Democrat.  I think that is Romney’s constituency, which means he can say pretty much anything he wants to say (“Eat your pets!  They’re tasty!”) and it won’t matter.

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