Romney’s the Outsourcer—

He’s the financial gangster—(job murderer)
Excuse me, American Worker—(job murderer)
Can you Love’im like that? (murderer)

No no we don’t cry
Tho’ he makes our jobs die,
That’s how he gets by--


Shame, shame, shame!

He is the Outsourcer. (job murderer)
He’s friends with all banksters, (job murderer)
he’s sizing up your property, (job murderer)
Foreclose all your things! (job murderer)

Extraordinary, all of the
profits that he
made off the poor, baby,  now do you see?
Juiced like a rich man he
would still take from you and me—

Money to burn—let’s see?

C.U.N.T! (Citizen’‘s United—Not Timid—never forget it!)

Here comes the outsourcer, (job murderer)
he’s the financial gangster! (job murderer)
Better vote for Obama—
or you’ll get broke fast!

Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah

Act like you know,
My bro’,
you know what Bush don’t know
Stimulus makes the economy go
and Krug says the same—

Juiced like a rich man he
would take from you and me—

Money to burn baby,


Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah

Here comes the outsourcer,
he’s the financial gangster,
Excuse me American Worker—
Can you love him like that?

(With respect to Ini Kamoze.)

And for any cultural appropriation, etc. My being most apologetic.

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Do you take requests?  How ‘bout King of Bain?

There’s a sad return on our stocks today—
it’s the same old thing as yesterday,
There’s some people who might be redundancies
and they just can’t survive brutal times like these:

I have stood here before giving awful news—
And you wouldn’t be happy standing in my shoes
I guess I’m always hoping this won’t be my turn
But it’s always my job to make the others burned—

There’s a sad return on our stocks today
That’s my job up there—
It’s the same old thing as yesterday—

My god I’m running for office soon—
Your black hat job is my firm disdain
for the jobs that I have to send down the drain
And run it up the flag pole will
you salute this strain—
of me being the guy who only brings the pain?

I have stood here before
inside the pouring rain—
with our profit margin ticking
inside my brain
only running for president might
end my reign—

So I Won’t have to be the King of Bain!

I’m a fossil that’s trapped on the corporate wall—
that’s my job up there,
There’s a drugged horse sold by my wife that bore—
That’s my job up there!

There’s a blue state that might turn red for me,
there’s a sad pollster turning tricks for me,
I have stood here before facing your disdain but nothing
ever stops me from being the King of Bain—

(Or something like that.)

I wonder about the people who worked for him at Bain. Could you call them the outsourcerer’s apprentice?

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