RR Report: PICKLED! Live From The Burlington Coat Mosque

August 28th was a day like any other, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our lives—as long as you weren’t at some tentless chafing-dishless revival in Washington DC!

For instance,  there I was that afternoon, checking out my friendly neighborhood Burlington Coat Mosque, and could it be? Were my eyes lying? No, there IT was: PICKLE! 

Posted by Mrs. Polly on 08/30/10 at 07:12 AM • Permalink

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For some reason, this reminds me of the old Star Trek series’ “Way to Eden” episode. With Mrs. Polly in the role of Spock.

Mrs. Polly, you’re doing the lord’s work! Er, something like that. ;)

I think ALL Americans should be required to buy an F-150 SuperCrew and cover it in expensive airbrush art illustrating their deepest insecurities and most psychotic obsessions and wish-fulfillment fantasies.

It would save an enormous amount of time on blind dates, and spare the lives of hundreds of hookers and hitchhikers annually.

Brilliant idea, Strange. We could find an old Ford Maverick and plaster it with these to be the official Rumproast ride…

You know, he looks young and fit enough to be overseas killing terrorists instead of waiting for one to grab his feet when he gets in bed.

I thought he was in D.C. over the weekend?

Great video!  You were so patient, Mrs. P.

I posted this in the other thread but I will do it again.

That Pickle truck is actually from my town, it belongs to the guy who runs a bar called the Pickle (Without a doubt the worst bar in town).  They run some dumbass thing on Wednesdays that if you wear a shirt with that slogan you get free beer from 9-12, they call it “Patriotic Wednesdays” and claim its for the troops.  I still can’t figure out in which way they are helping any of the troops, but the people in that place aren’t very bright.

I have to walk by that monstrosity every day on my way to classes.

Mrs. Polly - changing hearts and minds, or at least trying to, one small mind at a time. And that pickle truck is one sweet ride!

@Zam—Thanks for reposting. Polly knew about your earlier post while she was filming, and I think she even encountered the owner.

My heart goes out to you.

“American Patrol” .... most excellent! Because nothing says “Murka! Fuck Yeah!” like a pig-ignorant fucknoodle whose idea of civics is aping Palin tweets and quoting Jack Chick tracts.

I did indeed talk to the owner of the Pickle, who was a man-mountain, ex. large, very sweet, and, I’ll just quote him: “You two (he was talking with someone else when I walked up) are much brighter than me…”

He is another who just wants the mosque moved. Even 150 feet back would satisfy him. But I asked him what practical value moving the mosque to Murray Street would have, in real life, and didn’t it seem less than, well, he finished the sentence for me: “not common sense, huh?”

I don’t know if that was movement. But it was something other than auto-response groupthink.

He also has a FB page which indicates he was in the SEALS, possibly; he certainly would make the ideal Universal Soldier. So I don’t think he’s just a blowhard. But as for working out the logical implications of parking the horribly gory KILLATERRORIST.COM pickup in front of a mosque and NOT having it encourage hatred and inspire fear, he just doesn’t get it.

Mrs. P:

Stealing “Burlington Coat Mosque”. I think I will refer to it by its true spelling: the Burlington Coat Mosk.

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