Rubin Endorsement Dooms Cheney Senate Bid


It took a little over 24 hours for Jennifer Rubin to catch her breath, after the conservo-gastic news broke that the Cheney Dynasty lives and plans to run for public office.  It was then, that a reborn Rubin tapped out her homage: Liz Cheney How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways to grace the pages of The Washington Post.

And what a load of fluffy crap it is.  Rubin settled on the lazy journalist’s friend, the listicle-format, to sketch in her Top Ten Reasons that Liz Cheney is a great Senate candidate—and it’s pretty obvious that she ran out of steam (and nice things to say about Cheney) somewhere around Item #4.  If these are her top ten, we really don’t want to see the rest of the list.

Also, I should note that Rubin knows she’s somewhat out on a limb with this particular viewpoint, here’s how she opens her article list:

The clubby Senate and many in the press already are snickering at Liz Cheney’s run for the Senate.

But, of course, Rubin sometimes likes to be all maverick-y, despite her past slavish devotion to Willard Romney, the Wonder Bread of the GOP.

The interesting thing about Rubin’s list is that if one happens to think that Liz Cheney is an awful, terrible, horrible candidate for Senate, like I do, one can easily make that point with exactly the same list.  Weird, huh?

A few examples:

Rubin:  We need foreign policy experts in the Senate.

Me:  That is exactly my top-o’-the-list, #1 reason why Cheney should never get within spitting distance of a Senate seat.  She is the worst kind of poseur, marking time between Daddy’s campaigns and writing up his memoirs, etc, serving as a gadfly in a State Department that presided over America’s darkest hours of foreign policy.

Rubin:  She likely would be another GOP voice for gay marriage . . .

Me:  Add hers to the other two who are forced to be pro-gay by the family skeletons who refuse to stay in the closet.  We don’t need her, thanks.

Rubin:  The GOP desperately needs officials who are media-friendly and effective in engaging the opposition.

Me:  The last thing the GOP needs are embarrassing hair-on-fire extremists, schooled in FoxNews Boot Camp shrieking across the aisle.

Rubin:  Even if she doesn’t win, she’ll force Enzi to perk up.

Me:  You’d perk up, too, Jen, if someone accused you of being senile and “confused” after turning in twenty years of dedicated service.  By the time this pit bull gets done with Enzi, we’ll all be glad that she lost.

Rubin:  . . .  it would be nice to see a grounded mother of five run for office.

Me:  There’s a reason why not many “grounded mothers of five” run for office . . . THE CHILDREN!!  The Cheney-Perry kids have already lost their Dad to this campaign.  I’m sure he’ll be staying with his big DC job and not getting cow-poo on his Gucci loafers while the rest of the clan, dragged away from schools and friends, hunkers down to establish squatter’s rights, while Mom is making public appearances at Frontier Days and rodeos.

Okay, but I’ve saved the very best for last and invited a guest columnist to weigh in on this one because, well, nobody has said it better.  Ready?

Rubin:  We’ll get to see the former vice president on the campaign trail once again. He’s always a treat to hear . . .

Charles P. Pierce:  Dick Cheney. Electoral giant. Feel the magic.

Nobody can pick a loser like Jennifer Rubin, time for Mike Enzi to count his blessings (the “old” dear).


First poll among primary voters in Wyoming shows Enzi up 55 - 21 on La Liz.  Good work, Jen!

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Nobody can pick a loser like Jennifer Rubin, time for Mike Enzi to count his blessings

While this is certainly true, it means that Rubin now has her Summer Project all picked out, and we can expect 10,000 up-is-down Soylent-Green-is-delicious mash note columns by November.

Pardon me, I’m off to the vomitorium.

Pardon me, I’m off to the vomitorium.

@Lowkey - get in line.

He’s always a treat to hear . . .

He’s even more of a treat when he’s shooting you in the face.

  and we can expect 10,000 up-is-down Soylent-Green-is-delicious mash note columns by November.

You know, they could paper the entire state of WY with Rubin columns, but they’ll never get the carpetbagger stench off the Cheney Spawn.  No one in ‘real’ WY considers Jackson Hole to be anything other than where the rich out-of-staters (read: furriners) come to play cowboy. 

She once again displayed her stunning lack of self awareness or understanding of us common folk by thinking that a new residence in Jackson Hole (while hubby stays in DC as a high-powered lawyer), combined with her genetic inheritance is somehow an instant ticket to a Senate seat. “Privilege” is something ordinary Wyomingites, like a lot of reg’lr westerners like myself, find really, really annoying.

I object to the use of the pony in the picture.

Nightmare Moon actually had power, almost dethroned a sitting monarch, had a plan to recover after being defeated, and was successfully reformed after being defeated again.

Oh yeah, and she’s from a cartoon for little girls which has become an international sensation with older demographics by virtue of being smartly written, warm and funny.

All of which are the antithesis to Liz Cheney.

@Craig HS—who knew?  My Little Pony concern trolling??

That’s not concern trolling. It’s all true.

My apologies to Nightmare Moon.  I stand corrected.

Hahahaha!  The true democratic power of teh interwebz, revealed!

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