Rumproast Exclusive: Andrew Breitbart is a lefty mole!

Just as we received news that Andrew Breitbart had released yet another deceptively edited video to smear liberals (college professors this time), the BigHo himself stopped by Rumproast Studio for a brief chat. And boy, were we ever astonished to hear what he had to say:

So to recap: Breitbart admires Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Gore Vidal. He thinks William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan were nihilists, and he wants to wrestle Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck in a gutter. It seems clear now that the entire BigHo enterprise is a lefty false-flag operation, with Breitbart brilliantly poised to remove the “conservative media’s” last vestiges of credibility (with people who don’t pay much attention). Well done, you crafty Machiavellian devil, you!

Posted by Betty Cracker on 04/30/11 at 03:08 PM • Permalink

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It must be true—it’s all right there on video, and you just can’t make video lie.

Is BigWhatever going to fire him now? They should do it as fast as possible, without considering any other alternate explanations.

That’s some topnotch journalism, Betty. Kudos!

Be careful, though. There are consequences for breaking a story wide open like this. If you see a couple pasty-skin white kids peering in your kitchen window, or asking about the counter tops, sic a gator on ‘em.

Comment by meepmeep09 on 04/30/11 at 08:50 PM
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