Rumproast Morning Observation and a Shorter John McCain (UPDATE: Best. Transcript. Snippet. Ever.)

Morning Observation:

Mavericks sure do bitch a lot.

Shorter John McCain:

If it wasn’t for the economy blowing up, racists would have carried me across the finish line.

MORE: I’m not going to watch the whole interview because I love this part of the transcript too much to have the video version ruin it for me…

MCCAIN: By the way, I don’t like this comment about me being dying. You don’t want to—

KING: I didn’t say dying. I said you’re over Pacific.


MCCAIN: Oh, excuse me. I didn’t hear—

KING: Not seriously, OK.

MCCAIN: OK. Over the Pacific, not in communication.

KING: We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

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LOL, that pretty much captures the moment anyway. Only without the cringey smile… It was really odd because King set up the question very clearly. McCain just wasn’t listening, I guess.

When McCain says he’s “tested” is he referring to the 30 some communist propaganda movies he made while a POW? Is it a reference to how he supposedly came in to the POW camp as “The Prince” and became the “songbird” to avoid the torture that has been claimed as the reason for his wonky arms instead of the last of several plane crashes he was responsible for? I’m not suggesting that situation was easy, but choices were made to make it easier on one guy. Perhaps the American people deserve an explaination for hHIS actions.

I’m so fucking sick of the bullshit questioning of Obama’s birth certificate, associations(as if WcCain didn’t have several of his own questionable associations)and whatever other divisive questioning rather than real answers to real issues as if the US intelligence community hasn’t thoroughly vetted any person this close to the office of the President of the United States. It’s fucking willfully ignorant and intellectual laziness that is keeping WcSame/Failin in this race. And we should trust them to lead us through this morass?

8 years of a Republican Pres. 6 with a Republican Congress. No more than 2 years into the “war” it was shown that Bush’s economic policies were the reason for the debt, not the “war” and this turd looks to lay blame on the last 2 years of a Democratic Congress? Ehhhhhrrrrrrduhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S WHY THEY WERE VOTED IN, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry. This may all be disconnected and absurd to read from a rational perspective, but I am losing my freaking mind with this sham. I can rationalize Obama’s associations as a way he found to understand the many people in the US and the world. If he’s not just a slimy politician(jury’s still out) that understanding will serve him and us well. I cannot rationalize any part of WcStain/Wailin’s campaign. I want to. I want this to be an election of issues and philosophies that can be disagreed upon, but respected(I was really hoping POS McCaint was going to help that). Instead it is one guy giving his brief thoughts until the other snatches a word to use to scare people. One guy is answering the questions about nonsense that has been discovered already and the other is rolling his eyes and spouting more fear buzz words. One guy has a gaff prone VP choice and the other has an ignorant liar.

I hate politics. I hate politicians. I hate authority, although I understand it’s purpose and place in the world. I hate that this time in our lives has become such a mess on so many different fronts. I hate that one guy is making it easy to elect him and the other guy is making it easy not to elect him. I fucking hate it.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Uh uh uh… Are we (that is John McCain versus the rest of us) talking about the same Sarah Palin? What drugs or Kool-Aid have his advisers been slipping him? Larry and John should be somewhere in Southern Florida, on a beach, playing gin or pinochle, not doing interviews.

“Twice he looked into the camera when he was in debate with Sen. [Hillary] Clinton and said, ‘I’ll sit down and negotiate with John McCain before I decide on public financing,’ ” McCain charged.

“I’m still waiting for the call.”

And McCain couldn’t call Obama because…?

Rebecca, how dare you! Don’t you remember that this man spent FIVE AND A HALF YEARS as a POW when he didn’t even have access to an old crank telephone with a party line, not like these kids with their Blueberries and Raisin phones today, ungrateful little techno-bastards! For him to dial a phone he would need to raise his arms above his head just to get a decent signal! And his semaphore career was shot to hell because of the North Vietnamese gook bastards!

And you expect this NATIONAL WAR HERO to place a phone call to a Negro-Come-Lately? No! That’s also why he wasn’t able to call John Lewis a couple weeks ago and ask for an apology on the George Wallace thing and instead insisted that Obama had to do it for him. See, it’s a little known fact, but the dusky-hued folks speak at a frequency that only they can hear amongst each other, so white people have to use other black folks as go-betweens, rather than put themselves in the embarrassing situation of talking directly to “one of those.” Maybe if John Lewis had called Obama for McCain and asked Obama to sit down and talk about public financing, all this ugliness could have been avoided!

In short: it’s the black guy’s fault!

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