Rumproast Solves Yet Another Overblown Blogosphere Controversy

This Is What a T-Shirt Looks Like


You’re welcome. You can thank us here.

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KK: Thanks. I’ve emailed this to everyone in my state legislature.

I even printed out copies and left them all around the Greyhound Station. People will come there from all over and see them!

I know that’s evil, but I can’t help it. I’m ALWAYS thinking outside of my box!

good one

My question is: do the PUMAs even read Ms. magazine?  Sure, they roll it up to beat their favorite dog with, but do they actually read it?

By the way, I had to type “man17” to leave my comment.  That’s sexist, and legally inaccurate.

I may have to leave this blog.

They claim to read it, but I am sure they are more the TV Guide, Readers Digest, Enquirer crowd.

I am sure they are more the TV Guide, Readers Digest, Enquirer crowd.

I would put them more in the Sarah Palin category:  question of “what do you read?” followed by moose in the headlights blank look.

BTW after having spent a little time at the new Big Hollywood blog I don’t think we’re going to lack for anything to write about besides PUMAs!  That place is so full of fail that I’m going to love it forever.

Couple of gems here and here just for starters and that was after about 5 minutes of browsing!

I thought I was Aware of All Internet Traditions, yet I am unaware of this kefluffle.  what gives?

From Marin’s link:

Recently I had some free time, and instead of heading down to the shelter where my roommate Scott (the flight attendant) and I sometimes volunteer…

Right.  your ‘roommate’

I took a look at Big Hollywood, and agree it’s a helpin’ heapin’ of stupid.  The difference is that Greg Gutfeld isn’t going to post something about how Hollywood conservatives should buy up all the guns so they can resist the Obama government.  That’s the kind of infotainment you can only get from my favorite Mexican soap opera: rivermurphy.

On the other hand, with the right taunting, maybe we can get them to make a mockumentary about the PUMAs?  Kind of like the Path to 9.11 except with Chucky.


On the other hand, with the right taunting, maybe we can get them to make a mockumentary about the PUMAs?  Kind of like the Path to 9.11 except with Chucky.

Judging by JenniforHillary they’d have to do it in Cinemascope.

Dear godz, Mar, you’re right—that Big Hollywood site is an endless geyser of retardation. When I first glanced at the pieces you linked, I thought they let just any random cretin publish diaries or something. But I guess that is what passes for prime content over there. Jesus.

Mar - thanks for the links.

Orson Fucking Bean????

Aside from not really remembering why I knew the name, I would have sworn he was dead.

that Big Hollywood site is an endless geyser of retardation.

Yes.  I can see fun times ahead.

This is the site Andrew Breitbart started to counteract the prevailing lie-beral bias so prevalent in Hollywood and give all the good show biz type conservatives a little home of their own.  I just hope the momentum they’ve got going over there never stops.


Yes? My child?

Orson Fucking Bean????

I mostly remember him from being a guest on the Johnny Carson show - have no idea what he really did for a living.  Might have been on Hollywood Squares or something too.  I had no idea he was so full of fucknuttery!  We’re just a nation of goddam pussies!!!!!

Wow, Gary Graham is getting his own radio show!!!111111!!!!!!!!ELEVENTY

I’m so excited I could hump a moose.

i was about to defend the honor of Orson Bean (at least as one of history’s greatest game-show panelists). However, after THIS, I won’t bother:

“What puts the musk in muskrat? Courage!”

There is a special hell for writers who begin a long, stupid essay with a misremembered but easily-researched quotation.

There is, of a course, a DIFFERENT hell for writers who begin a declarative sentence with a small “i.”

From today’s PUMA:

I watched and read at the liberal BOIZ blogs for the first seven years of the Bush Administration, and there is NO way I want us to become like them — a bunch of boring, screaming juvenile boys spending HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS coming up with cruder and more violent descriptions of ways to humiliate George W. Bush (most of them involving rape, chainsaws, and other rusty objects — to give you a picture of the level of discourse.)

Anybody care to sink some teeth into that ample rump?

The best way to humiliate George W. Bush is to let him give another press conference.  No shoes hurtled at him this time though.

Steve:  I saw that this morning and about spat my tea at the screen.  I suppose the above and running around the internet screeching “Obami stole the election” (or whatever other name de jour they have for him) as well as calling for a national uprising as well as some pretty explicit requests for his untimely demise are not the same in PUMA logic land.

Litlebritdifrnt: George W. Bush is white. Obama is an inadequate black male, so all bets are off when it comes to how we treat him. See how easy that makes things? You need to stop thinking so hard and looking for logic in places where kneejerk blind hatred will do so much better.

(Honestly, if all the PUMAs and Birthers could die in a mass attack of apoplexy next Tuesday, that would be A Good Thing.)

I sent an email to Michele Kort (the editor of Ms Magazine) over the weekend, with the subject line “Sorry you’re being PUMA’d” - and she emailed me back today to thank me for supporting them.

Poor woman.

Shouldn’t Orson Bean be spending his bounty of free time getting hammered in some piss-stinky bar telling seldom heard insider stories of the good old days of television?  “Ya know who wolfed the most beaver in Hollywood back in the sixties?  Huh?  Me!  Damn straight.  Known for it.”

Since it took until four in the afternoon for Mr. Bean and his friend to rig up a tin-can telephone, I’m not surprised he is angry at young people’s dingleberries.

My hand to God, the preceding is neither distortion nor fancy, but taken directly from Mr. Bean’s essay.

Speaking of the birfers, have you seen Orly’s page lately?  My God, her list of homework assignments to “the patriots” is getting longer and longer.  And, her pet is spending lots of time scrubbing the comments.  ha!

Seriously, check it out.

(i have to type right27.  right?  Where am I?)

Orson Bean was generally regarded to be clinically insane even back in the day.  He was raving about Wilhelm Reichian orgone theories for great sex in the 70s.  Nice to see that teh crazy has calcified into a block of fucktardery as he prepares to spend one last time in the orgone box before croaking.

Mimi, I hate to contiminate my laptop by visiting Oily Taint’s Hair and Makeup Tips for Wingnuts with a Doris Day Hardon.  What’s she up to now?

Basically, she’s just fishing desperately for anything and everything she can get in the way of dirt on the Obamas. If I don’t go into any more detail than that, it’s because I would contaminate your laptop with wingnuttiness myself.

If she had a clue about law as a result of her multiple-choice low-level online attorney qualification, she might be dangerous. But then if she had a clue about the law, she wouldn’t be posting the rubbish she does.

Also. She hasn’t even mastered the art of clean cut-and-pasting, so I shudder to think what any of her submissions to the courts look like.

I just hope she’s a better dentist than she is an attorney.

Some folks have put in formal complaints to the CA authorities about her after she published personal details of innocent individuals with no connection to the Obamas and encouraged her pretties to fly and harass them by phone etc., or even pay them a visit in person. She scrubbed that post, but judging by some of her more recent ones, old habits die hard and she doesn’t learn from experience.

When I think of Orson Bean, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘The Hobbit’.  Bean voiced Bilbo Baggins in the 1977 animated adaptation.  I don’t think Bilbo would approve of Bean’s latest endeavor(insert “Sauron/Bush” analogy here).

Orson Bean/Dr. Lester: I’ve been very lonely in my isolated tower of indecipherable speech.

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