Run Sarah Run

A nation in need (of more laughs) is lookin’ to you to run…

Posted by Kevin K. on 09/28/09 at 01:36 PM • Permalink

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Yeah, hard workin’ alright, workin’ hard to resign as quickly as possible, that sunshine warm smile needs to be milf’ed ASAP!

Run, you idiot, run. Please.


Oh, and fuck Bill Kristol.

Catchy tune.

At the appropriate time we should should rewrite and rework it.

Yet more evidence that the truck driver’s gear change is employed almost exclusively in shitty songs.

Comment by dmd76 on 09/28/09 at 03:13 PM

No Kevin no.

Good Christ,no.  I’m already bleeding IQ points from living in Beck world.  Romney instead of Palin would probably keep me from dementia for an extra 2 years, and we’d still win.  Also, Tina Fey really doesn’t need the money or the exposure.

Even better.

I can’t believe nobody’s posted this yet.

Comment by Pumalicious! on 09/28/09 at 06:45 PM

Jesus Puma, that is fucking dreadful. If we don’t know why we’re in a war and don’t know what we’re fighting for, why did Hillary vote for the war?

Yeah, that’s true man, but come on…jazz hands.

why did Hillary vote for the war?

Because when you’re a DLCer you always vote for the war.

Until I heard this, I would have assumed that it was pretty much impossible to write a bad song using the main chord change in the verse of “Secret Agent Man.”  But this guy did it.

Run Sarah Run, Hillary for You and Me combined with the knowledge that idiot’s book is coming out before I’ll be able to poke out my reading eye is just too much. I’m going to bed.

Don’t be tardy for the party!

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