Ryan Plan Redux


Brian Beutler at TPM wonders if the GOP plans to follow Paul Ryan down the kill-Medicare rabbit hole again in an election year and concludes that yes, they do:

Why on earth would Republicans put the whole party back on the line? Particularly after a year of serial brinkmanship and overreach that has dragged their popularity down to record lows?

The answers speak as much to the hubris of this GOP majority as it does to the fact that the party’s in thrall to a movement that demands unyielding commitment to a platform of reducing taxes on high-income earners and rolling back popular, though expensive, federal support programs.

Ryan & Co. plan to coat the poison pill with saccharine-flavored provisions (inexplicably) contributed by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, which were soundly rejected by Wyden’s fellow Democrats when the “bipartisan” agreement was announced a couple of months ago.

However, the sham “compromise” backed by Wyden puts the GOP in the unenviable position of having to explain subtleties to two different audiences with opposing agendas: It doesn’t accomplish the utter annihilation of Medicare the tea party extremists want since it contains a “public option” (no, really) that purports to preserve the program in its original form rather than leaving seniors entirely to the tender mercies of the private insurance industry.

But it does tie the cost of the “public option” version of Medicare to market permutations, which would almost certainly drive costs up for seniors, many of whom are Republicans. The devil is in the details, but it’s hard to see how this could actually save money without reducing benefits or raising costs.

As Beutler notes, Democrats are happy to have this debate again, especially in an election year. But should they be? Does Wyden’s participation provide a sufficient fig leaf for the “zombie-eyed granny starver”? I’m thinking not, though surely outfits like PolitiHack will do their utmost to muddy the waters.

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I suppose this is a perfect example of what happens when a party goes full-tilt for “reality creation”; they sincerely believe that the majority of citizens want Medicare destroyed, and just in time for all those Boomers (yo, represent!) to retire.  Though someone in the democratic party needs to put this Ron Wyden fellow in a private room and have a long, hard discussion with him.

Ha, I like the poster the DCCC has at their website here which you can download.

It felt great to fight and win in the Komen ker-fuffle - I just hope this is a sign that the Dems are going after the Rethugs on their attack on Medicare just as strongly.

WTF is up with Wyden? He’s a continent away from me, so I haven’t followed his career closely, but from what I’ve seen on yapping head shows, I was under the impression he’s a stand-up guy. Now this.

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