Samantha Power to join National Security Council team

Power, a Harvard professor and the Pulitzer Prize winning author of A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, will join the team as senior director for multilateral affairs. This is really great news since Power is a brilliant international affairs expert and true progressive who actually seems to give a shit about countries that don’t have massive oil reserves.

But don’t expect everyone to be happy about Power’s appointment – not even a contingent of Obama critics who spend 20 hours a day complaining that there aren’t enough wimmyns in the administration. See, in the heat of the primary ugliness, Power referred to Hillary Clinton as a “monster” in what she thought was an off the record remark to a reporter. She issued an apparently heartfelt apology for it. She resigned from the campaign. She seems to have patched things up with Clinton.  But mark my words, this will be perceived as a SLAP IN THE FACE.

However, for us liberals on Planet Earth, this is good news indeed. Huzzah!

Posted by Betty Cracker on 01/29/09 at 07:34 PM • Permalink

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Well I gotta admit, I certainly wouldn’t smack Power in the face, that’s for damn sure.\

Man, I’ll never forget when I first saw her, I’m all like see you dumbass Celt, you coulda listened to ma and Aunt Philomena and gone ahead and gotten your classical education finished and ended up dating a woman as beautiful as Power ... but nooooo, not you Mr. Smarty Pants drink too much beer and brawl in bars.

Oh, and fuck the PUMAS sideways with a lawn rake.

An excellent choice.  And not just because of the whole “monster” thing, although that is a feature, not a bug.

This brings back many memories from more than five years ago when I worked (and blogged) like a maniac for Wes Clark; Samantha Power was an advocate for Clark and I myself transcribed her introduction of him after his return from the Milosovic trial at the Hague.  There was another fellow who wrote at a place called The Tooney Bin .. can’t remember his name, but he was also big for Clark and Power.

PS - I too loved the ‘monster’ quip (since it was true.)

PUMA HAKA in 3…2…1…

There was another fellow who wrote at a place called The Tooney Bin .. can’t remember his name, but he was also big for Clark and Power.

Did his name rhyme with Heaven?

I had to watch her interview with Colbert again. Definitely check it out if you haven’t yet.

Did his name rhyme with Heaven?

As a matter of fact, it did, and his last initial rhymed with J.

As a matter of fact, it did, and his last initial rhymed with J.

Levon Helm?

No, shit.  That isn’t even close.

Let me test that one:

Roses are red
Obama’s at the helm
Sugar is sweet
and so is J.

Uh, nope, that’s not him.

I suppose it is just me, but damn, the Obama Admistration (I keep having to stop myself saying the Obama Campaign) seems to surround itself with brilliant people.  I mean really, can we get anymore brilliant, policy wonk, down right obviously serious people in the administration?  Really?

If people have a problem with Samantha P it’s only because Samantha’s hot and she knows it. That kind of confidence from younger folk who should be all staid and serious really rankles with the olds who are saggy and bitter about not being young anymore.

That Colbert interview was really excellent. First of all, HB, she has a low, husky voice, in case you hadn’t heard. Just thought you’d like to know. Second, she spoke of the idea of “fixing” the world as an outmoded 20th century concept, and offered in its place the concept of “mending.”  She was promoting her book about Sergio Veiera de Mello, who, after what she thought was a rocky start where he could have been accused of obsequiousness, was discovering the importance of just “getting in the room” with warring factions to get them together. It sounded familiar, somehow. She belongs in the Obama administration and I’m glad she’s there. And not only for the PUMAtainment.

If people have a problem with Samantha P it’s only because Samantha’s hot and she knows it.

  Of course she is, she’s Irish!

Are you sure it’s a slap in the face, Betty? Because it looks to me more like they are shoving Samantha Power down our throats!

Pull all the comments you would like to, but this is surely a sign that the terrorists are winning.
Feels gooood, doesn’t it?

I see that the focus of that AP piece linked above is all on the “monster” comment that was made by Power during the heat of the campaign (and that, recall, was not intended to be an ‘on the record’ comment.)

Is this because the story simply has appeal as a ‘celebrity gossip’ piece? Or, beyond that, because the mainstream media are intent on the prospects of coming schisms between the Clintons and Obama, using Power here as a surrogate? Or, because they don’t want to talk about the interventionist policies (however “progressive” in orientation) that Power is associated with?

BTW, has anybody here previously heard of this position Power is slated for, ‘senior director of multilateral affairs with the National Security Council’? I don’t think I have.

Pete, no doubt the media will play up the Clinton-Obama feud angle for all its worth and that the “monster” incident will be milked for all its worth. That’s our stupid media for you. Power’s policies probably never entered their heads.

As for the position title, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it either. But then again, I can’t name a single job title in that organization, so I don’t take it as a sign Power is being shunted into some meaningless cubby.

shoving Samantha Power down our throats

Kerry, I believe the proper phrasing is they’re setting her on our faces!

I’m sure SP’s the first gov’t official I’ve ever had dirty thoughts about.

fyi, this is what Power’s predecessor looked like.

Not terribly fuckable.

Comment by ts on 01/30/09 at 08:58 AM

nope, they are definitely SHOVING HER DOWN OUR THROATS.

this is because the entire obama administration is based on misogyny and false accusations of racism!

would it be possible for Sam Power and Elizabeth Kucinich to work on some international issue together?

that would be nice…

Quien es mas caliente - Samantha Power o Elizabeth Kucinich?

that’s tough—like wooderson—“I love them redheads”

power is a harvard professor and—now—on the NSC!  that is really hot. like some kind of bizarro Tom Clancy novel-world hot.

kucinich is younger,taller, more classically beautiful?

but I prefer older/wiser/ivy league/international relations type.

And, there is that slight problem that Kucinich comes with the Mayor.  Being from Cleveland I couldn’t do my bro like that.

So, I think on the overall merits we have to go with POWER!

unless of course Kucinich divorces the mayor, poses for Maxim, and starts dating Favreau…

then all bets are off!

If there is still bad blood between Power and the Clintons, I imagine it’s more to do with her book than the “monster” remark. Neither Bill nor Hillary come off as particularly eager to intervene in Rwanda or Bosnia. The tap-dancing that went on with the Clinton State Dept. to avoid using the term “genocide” in Rwanda would have been comical, if it weren’t for that whole “genocide” thing.

Though of course the point of Power’s book, as noted in the post upstairs, is that NO American president has done anything to stop genocide since the end of World War II.

Rather than speculate, let me go straight to an authoritative source:

jenniforhillary 01.30.09 at 11:47 am

  Think about it Pumas…

  Samantha THE FILTHY OBOT will be on BO’s Team…this is the a-hole who called Hillary a ‘monster.’ UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE….but wait, I forgot, we are living in surreality where scum rises to the top and good people get kicked to the curb.

  May Ms. Powers get the full ass whupping she deserves, and may the road rise up and greet her with the same lack of love she showed Hillary. I almost have to laugh at someone who supports this sack of shit calling someone else a monster. However, it strikes me as more sad than funny. Sort of sums up his whole stinking white male privileged lying sack of shit administration….

  Pumas–America’s last stand against Socialism led by King Iwillfuckyouhard and the Democraps backed up by the Republiblowhardswehavealreadyfilledupourpockets andnowearejustwatchingandwaitinglikenumbnuts

  WAKE UP AMERICA…please god wake up

If you had any doubts that Samantha Power is a good choice for the NSC, this should put them to rest.

Strange, nothing that a little Haldol couldn’t make a whole lot better.

Maybe the stinking white male privileged lying s.o.s. administration will put a drug benefit provision in their healthcare plan that covers extra-crispy lunatics.

Thank you, Strange. I was already pleased with the Power appointment, but now I suspect she will be instrumental in ushering in a new Golden Age of peace, prosperity and ponies for all. The Anti-Cassandra has spoken.

Betty, that is a pearl. I didn’t think there was enough nacre in the world to throw around that irritation, but you did it.

Inasmuch as Power used “monster” in the sense of “formidable campaigner,” I have always felt this was one of the dumbest controversies ever, and an unnecessary retreat on Obama’s part. (At the time, of course, the myth of the 18 million PUMAs was still remotely plausible, so it’s unfair to second-guess her resignation from the safety of a future January when PUMA has long since been exposed as a bigger hoax than Y2K and Comet Kohoutek combined.)

All that aside, if her elevation to NSC discomforts J4H, it’s definitely a win for our side.

Nuclear cat-fight alert:

bqueen 01.30.09 at 1:17 pm

  Jen #28

  May Ms. Powers get the full ass whupping she deserves… I almost have to laugh at someone who supports this sack of shit…

  Jen, regardless what you think of Powers, well…
  can you vent and make your case with facts rather than violent fantasies and name calling?

This will end badly.

Is it a full moon? Effluencers are invading Stupidpumas too (oh boy).

like some kind of bizarro Tom Clancy novel-world hot

Or like a Heinlein heroine.

nothing that a little Haldol couldn’t make a whole lot better.

Her remarks a few lines down are even more delusional:


For the record, Ms. Gillibrand did NOT get back to me on whether she supports Mr. Obama or his agenda….so I cannot support her…yet.

  I will NOT vote for or support any candidate who does not tell me in writing that she/he does not and will not support this sack of shit. period. ever.

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