Same Shit, Different Crazy

The iconography of extremism never changes, only the choice of firearm.

(H/T to gimmeabreak for directing me to the Google ad hawking imprinted Sarah Palin gear.)

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That image of her next to Reagan, with the deeply-etched wrinkles and crepe-y neck?  Kind of an unfortunate choice.  She looks as old as Reagan is now.

I’m no firearms expert, but what the heck is that gat Palin’s fondling?

Can you take out wolves and moose with a paintball?

Looks like an artistic interpretation of a customized Remington Model 870 shotgun, or some similar close-range boomstick.

With no stock in sight, I’d imagine if she ever fired it, a broken wrist would be the least of her worries.

We may be able to ransom this poor creature back from the Palinese Liberation Army, but rehabilitating her is going to be a heckuva job.

She was such a sweet, quiet girl back before Nicole Wallace got her addicted to meth and forced her to make those “communiqués”. At least now we can understand why she was hustled so precipitously back onto that bus.

Once she is safely back among non-violent, decent folk, just remember not to use triggering phrases like “belly of the plane,” or “panels.”

And above all, if serving her a hot beverage, use loose tea for pity’s sake. NO TEABAGS.

Let’s make a safe space for her, people.

Thanks, Brit. I was looking at the barrel profile, but that’s obviously a pistol-grip shotgun…so it could be a cut-down Remington 1100 or any number of other chopped guns.

You can’t be cool-looking enough when you’re blowing a melon-sized hole in someone eight feet away.




That picture makes Baby Jesus cry.

Damn, I’m tempted to buy one of those shotgun designs, if only for the uber-hip irony factor it would entail if I wore it under a blazer while out and about.

I’m repulsed by the notion of giving some conservative outfit a single red nickel.  Maybe they could steal the design and start selling them on Daily Kos or ActBlue?

Aw man, they don’t appear to have the “The Joy of Sarah” shirt. The one that looks like someone stuck a bunch of Care Bears in a blender. Not that I’m suggesting anything.

She’s the real deal. So deal with it, liberal scalawags.

Scalawags? OK, I call spoof. No way fReichtards know how to define, much less spell, scalawag.

Patty is way hotter. The Sarah icon looks like a box of patriotic raisins.

Oh, sure they do, ‘cause “scalawag” was big in the 19th century.

“Scalawag” was the term assigned to those Southerners who had opposed secession or fought for the Union or joined forces with the Radical Republicans to rebuild the state economically and to bring innovations to Arkansans, who were often resistant to change. They were considered traitors to the Southern way of life. One of the more prominent Arkansas scalawags was Asa Hodges, a former slave owner from Crittenden County.

Hell, they’ve probably been waiting 160 yrs. to pull it out & use it again.

It’s the creepy grin they’ve plastered on her face that caught my attention. “Oh, my god, some comedian said something unflattering about her and Sarah Palin’s finally gone insane. She’s picking off Juneau residents while cackling and screaming ‘Here’s the books I read, you bitch!’”

I have that image of Patty printed from the original negative that went through the camera. It is a prized possession. A friend in LA bought at auction from the city of Los Angeles. The original film was in that box. It was not police files but a lot of media material surrounding the Patty Hearst case. Weird. He made me a print.

Oh, sure they do, ‘cause “scalawag” was big in the 19th century.

Yeah, I don’t see that as a spoof-tell. The wingers tried to bring back “poltroon” not too long ago; they’re all about archaic lingo that makes the user sound like a total dipshit.

The Sarah icon looks like a box of patriotic raisins.

Okay, so there’s that, the “boomstick” reference, and Mrs. P’s little Hearst-riff. Can we marry threads yet, or do I have to wait for the post-gay nups slippery slope?

Fine. I’ll still continue to think the money is going to a nice gentleman in Thailand and you can’t stop me! Pffft!

You know, I realize this ain’t BagNewsNotes, but has anyone else noticed that the resemblance between these two images doesn’t appear to be entirely accidental?

Yeah, it’s surely beyond the scope of coincidence.

But then can the same be said that facially, in the Reagan/Palin “It’s time for a real president” juxtaposition, Palin looks like Reagan with a Bumpit, specs, and WAY too much eyeshadow?

Hey, Strange. Get to work. You’ve got REAL shit to do and you don’t have much time. I saw the X-rays.

@kre8tr—Please post those images on Photobucket. If there’s any chance I can be dead before Wednesday’s press run, I’ll just shut down Word, pet the cats, light up a big Bob Marley spliff and watch cartoons till something major pops a seam.

HOLD YOUR FIRE! kre8tr is my best friend and old RR pal, Shiskabob from Approaching Entropy. He comes in peace, mostly.

Only kidding, Strange. Your work is as marvelous as Sarah is bizzare. Kudos.

Shiskabob is lucky I had the safety on, or he would be a flattened felafel now. And I am currently favoring a heavy urban tactical firearm, none of these varmint rifles with pretty gunstocks that certain attention-deficit-disordered ex-governors pose with when they are pretending to be all frontier radical-like.

Nice of Shishkabob to stop by, though, particularly when he has so much to do at home.

Forgive me, all. My ‘Net courtesy is a tad rusty.

I forgot that any mention of the term “boomstick” automatically invokes the obligatory Army of Darkness clip.

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