Santorum Surges From Behind

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Posted by Tom65 on 12/31/11 at 09:26 PM • Permalink

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Santorum always comes from behind in the end.


Santorum’s campaign has been a frothy mix of delights, creating much laughter as its byproduct.

I’m sorry, but every time I see that picture I always think to myself “Did she dress that doll, or did the doll dress her?”

Oh please, please, please let Santorum become the Conservative’s “anti-Romney” of last resort!!!

Ah, the endless gag-inducing headlines about his surging and all the google hits that will entail…priceless!

Let it be so, so the world can be so grossed out that Santorum becomes #1 on the Top 10 lists of banished words!  Let it be so, so the world and the mushy middle have to seriously recoil in horror and have a true stand-off between the stark contrast of futures at stake!  They can have the 21st century or regress to the 16th… So please, let it be true and let it be a beacon to bash in the heads of the willfully naive to finally wake up and grasp the true horror of the modern GOP, bold and unmasked in front of them on full display!

The expressions are truly priceless, ranging from “I wanna go home” to “Oh my gawd, there’s a camera!”


Santorum surge in Iowa poll threatens Romney

To be fair, anyone might feel threatened.

fsm help me, i just can’t get enough of that picture.
i can only hope we get to see an updated version of it in november, w/ the older daughter in her lisbeth salander gear, the older boy in dreadlocks, and the younger daughter and her doll still in matching outfits.

That picture is from six years ago, so the youngest daughter with the doll is probably an angsty goth teen now.

the youngest daughter with the doll is probably an angsty goth teen now

Oh, I really, REALLY hope so. Christ, she’s been through enough being born into that family, by all accounts.

Being a national politician’s kid is bad enough what with the security issues, the teasing at school, etc, but being used as campaign props and for such a prig of a dad has to be extra hard to get through.

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