Santorum: Sheepskin>Sheeple

You know it. I know it. And Rick Santorum knows it: the ivy-covered walls of academe are lousy with Obama’s minions, all busily installing Saulinsky chips in the soft malleable brains of the Young. The propensity of these institutions to publish scholarship clearly controverting the received wisdom of the Only Textbook That Counts.  This Liberal-tainted “scholarship” only proves their allegiance to Obama and Lucifer the Lightbringer, which is why we must dismiss it and stick to the wisdom of the bravely Judeo-Christian experts who have set up a parallel world of unaccredited universities and peerless (as in non-peer-reviewed) research.
        Jeebus U

Hail Hail Jeebus U.

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One can make an unhappy hobby of following Santorum’s regular evidences of informational resistance. Actually, I have (he was my former senator).  His opinions regarding creationism and the “hoax” of global-warming are just too much part of the everyday GOP rank’n'file articles of faith to alarm one overmuch—I think my favorite nugget of Santorumian brain-droppings is actually that the Muslims started the Crusades.

Yeah.  His cognitive awareness of the world is a grotesque topiary to contemplate.

Thank the fucking stars this post isn’t about IQ and the attendant bullshit that comes along with a blog commentariat discussion, we know this for sure, Santorum is a stupid motherfucking bible-clinging lunkhead.

As with the rest of the entire modern right, they want serfs, ignorant, superstitious serfs to do as they are told and to be harshly punished if they dare question their betters.

He’s an embarrassment to Pittsburgh, my hometown. Ron Paul is also originally from western PA and you can still hear it clearly in his accent.  Neither really reflect the population, even back when it was a real blue collar town/region. Much less now. Pittsburgh has always had a strong university/research basis (the polio vaccine was developed there, first commercial radio station, first nuclear power plant and associated research, etc.).  So these morons are not representative of the region at all, IMHO.

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