Sarah Palin doesn’t even read magazines that feature her on the cover

I guess the only way Sarah Palin would read Time magazine was if it was a pop-up book.  Here she is being “interviewed” on Glenn Beck’s radio show today:

GLENN: Did you see the people that are on the list? Because you are on the leaders and I’m on the leaders of the most influential people in the world.

SARAH PALIN: No. I only knew about you.

GLENN: Well, you know and you, right?


And her.

Then it was time to play the victim card and bitch about “the pattern” that Beck discerned from the rest of the “leaders” on the list:

SARAH PALIN: Hmmm. What kind of company are we keeping there, Glenn?

GLENN: Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that amazing? It is I mean, we see I look at this list and you can see. There are lines being drawn. It is Marxists, globalists, communists, and us.

SARAH PALIN: And some pieces of raw meat being thrown into the mix is what it sounds like. It’s pretty fascinating and, no, I haven’t known, you know, kind of what their criteria was for selecting these names.

GLENN: Well, I was surprised that you and I made it. You know, somebody I know that was in the room when they did the Time Man of the Year. Your name and my name was brought up I think by Giuliani and Gayle King and the others in the room said, oh, please. Gayle King said, don’t make me vomit. So I mean, we were thrown out immediately and so were the Tea Parties, didn’t even make it into the year end review.

And then, of course, Palin finished the whole mess with one of her patented world-class Wasilla word salads:

SARAH PALIN: You know what this is going to allow us to do, Glenn, is just express further how much we love America and the opportunities that we have here, and it will be just the antithesis of so many of the statements and representations of all those other people that you just named off when we will be able to have kind of a platform then to even greater than you already have that allows us to remind Americans that we live the life that most people on the grove would never even be able to dream of and yet too many Americans find ourselves just taking for granted the American life that our founding fathers worked so hard to create. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to remind Americans of our exceptionalism that we need to re embrace and get back to and even in spite of the odd, odd characters that are included on this list with us. I’m going to capitalize on it and I’m going to do all that I can in kind of perpetuating what our message is reminding Americans of how fortunate we are.

That is what Sarah Palin is going to do. That. In spite of “the odd, odd characters” that are included on the list. Because she is Sarah Palin. Leader.

Full audio below:

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So, they’re bitching together about how they weren’t made Man and Woman of the Year by Time?  That’s classy.

Hottie McDumbfuck is on the “leaders” list too (with hagiography penned by none other than Mittens!).

Sort of an aside: If I were Queen of the World, I would ban the use of the phrases “American exceptionalism” and “We the People.” The people who actually understand what those phrases mean don’t abuse them,. But the people who run around spouting them as if afflicted with some weird form of faux-patriotic Tourettes have ruined them for all, so sorry everyone, stricken from the lexicon.

We can add one more to the list of things Palin doesn’t understand—the meaning of the phrase “throwing red meat.”

Comment by karen marie on 04/30/10 at 05:11 PM

Megan C. is shrill

I hope someone sends that link to both Palin and Sec. Clinton.  I’d love to see the look on their faces.

Kevin, did you actually transcribe that last ‘world-class Wasilla word salad’? Cause if you did, I’d love to know how you did it without your brain exploding.

I would ban the use of the phrases “American exceptionalism” and “We the People.”

Amen to that. “American Exceptionalism” is a bullshit sense of unearned superiority anyone can claim, even if they’re too dumb to spell it and too bigoted not to recognize standard-issue nationalist chauvinism when they see it. People who are outraged that it’s being diminished or denied are generally those for whom it represents their last and only justification for being utterly unexceptional assholes.

Likewise, the serial misappropriation of “We the People” has cheapened it to the point where it’s pretty much synonymous with any group of two or more angry yahoos who voted for the loser in the last election.

SO: Any word from Amy Siskind on TIME’s dissing of Hillary Clinton?


Yeah, no, didn’t think so.

TIME’s dissing of Hillary Clinton

It’s Obama’s fault.

It’s like a magical conflation of stupid and crazy…

Not “I’m shocked, humbled and honored to even be included” but instead “in spite of the odd, odd characters who are included with us.”

That is just horrifying. 

It’s like she’s calling for her supporters to purge the list of this vermin.

When do the swastikas come out?

Word salad. So aptly put.  Whenever the greens come out in full force, I remember this clip from Jack Cafferty on the half term Governor, and I get some small satisfaction that someone in the MSM actually had the balls to speak the truth. Time Magazine, WTF? player_embedded

SO: Any word from Amy Siskind on TIME’s dissing of Hillary Clinton?

Nada. They completely missed the passing of Dr. Dorothy Height too. However, they did devote a front page post to a discussion on which gardening tool would be most effective in hacking off Ben Roethlisberger’s wee-wee.

However, they did devote a front page post to a discussion on which gardening tool would be most effective in hacking off Ben Roethlisberger’s wee-wee.

I guess for those of us who have followed Jennifer’s “career,” this comment isn’t at all surprising:

jenniferintexas said:

Shelia the Great thanks for making me laugh so hard I choked on my coffee. I love the saw…

I still think the Hambeast and Meatprod are destined for each other.

Good lord.  I just realized that Glenn Beck’s page was *written* *by* Palin herself.

Some very odd choices on that list overall.  Time has been pretty much a non-magazine for some time now IMHO.

Glenn, 46, tackles topics other news shows would regard as arcane.

“Arcane.” I do not think that word means what she thinks it means. Try “batshit insane.”

And speaking of insane, I don’t watch Glenn Beck or listen to his radio show very often, but I see clips of it here and there. He is teetering on the brink of total insanity—more than usual, even.

Last week he was saying God is revealing a plan to him (maybe through a talking hat—he didn’t elaborate), and this week he darkly hinted at his own death at the hands of the Obama administration or unspecified others, possibly this weekend.

Maybe it’s all an act. But if it’s not, someone needs to throw a net over Beck before he swallows his own tongue or something.

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