Sarah Palin Even More Fantastically Stupid Than Previously Thought

Yesterday, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P. J. Crowley posted the following messages on his official Twitter feed:

Happy birthday President #Ahmadinejad. Celebrate by sending Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer home. What a gift that would be.

Your 54th year was full of lost opportunities. Hope in your 55th year you will open #Iran to a different relationship with the world.

Crowley’s intent, quite obviously, was to scold the Iranian president, not to curry favor or feebly implore him to release the imprisoned American hikers.

But, of course, there’s always one complete and utter asshole who doesn’t get the joke.

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When the only job you’re qualified for requires you to be dumb as a fucking brick…


Expressing my wishes for that woman in writing would probably trigger a visit from the FBI, so I’ll just say, Stay classy, Sarah!

what a friggen airhead,..


She should never have let her ghost-tweeter have the weekend off.

It’s Cindy’s birthday today, so be sure to coddle and kowtow to her when you see her.  There will be cake in the break room later if you want to snub your diet as well as snub your allies.


Fuckin’ brains, how do they work?


woman is too dumb to read an entire 140 letters tweet ?


yuck, the comments on that article at The Hill are atrocious. I need a shower now.

Hmm. I guess somebody better tell her the obvious—that demonstrations of clemency at times of celebration like a national leader’s birthday are a tradition over there.

It’s almost as if she doesn’t want to see those guys released ...

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