Sarah Palin, In A Pair Of Comfortable Peep-Toe Flats

I don’t know why Adam Ant’s signature video, “Goody Two-Shoes” and the happy-happy stomp dance made me think of Sarah Palin, except to note that nothing else makes think of her at all anymore.

Certainly, there had to be some significance in Adam Ant’s retro-couture Napoleonic settings and costumes, apart from the lightning-fast assumption that Adam was going to usher in the second coming of Paul Revere and the Raiders, featuring Mark Lindsay.

Whether or not Adam was singing about Sarah Palin in 1982, it goes without saying that whatever about her was ever truly unique, one-of-a-kind, name-brand or timeless, has wound up where it was always destined to be—somewhere between Clark Kent’s costume closet and Al Capone’s Vault.

You don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do? Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Adam Ant was/is ridiculous.  That is all.

One of the most gratifying developments in post-2008 US politics is Palin’s rapid descent into utter irrelevance. It happened faster than I dared to hope.

Hey Strange,
I haven’t posted up here for a long time.  In fact I rarely look at this site.  You may remember the non-ideological conservative going by the moniker of ‘Amherst.’

Amherst was just a sort-of experiment to see if it were possible for people on the left and right to actually have a dialogue above the politics.

Anyway, I came over here and got caught up on your story and was really blown away.  And basically I just wanted to say Hi and hope you are keeping up with Ray Bradbury. 

Beyond that, I just have to mention that your obsession with Sarah Palin seems never to have diminished in its strength or its fervency.

(I remember back in the old days when you did a post just on Sarah Palin’s bus, completely disconnected from any photograph or reference to her.  That’s commitment… )

Anyway, I’m glad to see your smiling face.


Adam Ant was/is ridiculous.  That is all.

Undeniably true…yet he riverdances his way through a screwball ‘80s music video that was a longstanding hit on MTV. That makes him a lot more relevant than me, anyway.

@Formerly Amherst: Thanks, and a pleasure to see you again.

Sorry we haven’t had a chance to chat since I died back in November 2012. I’m hoping to increase my presence on RR as time goes by and I acquire computer equipment that empowers a blind guy to dictate snarky political humor. It’s gonna be a long slog, but I’m very much looking forward to my second life…I hope to enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed every part of my first life, except the last two weeks.

I’m sure we’ll encounter each other again. Good luck with your new nick and whichever blogs you are currently auditing. Rumproast may not always be part of your itinerary, but we’ll always be here if you want us to be. PS: Always file and pay your taxes. Don’t ask me why, it’ll just save you a lot of ammunition.

There are, of course, benchmarks for irrelevance—and I’m not talking about Andy Kaufman.

I miss speaking with you as well.  You’re the guy who really made this site sparkle. You not only have the ability to occasionally point out the left’s foibles, but you also have demonstrated the capacity at times to see thru your own BS.  This is a rare feat of humanity in our day and time.  Clearly RR needs you, and maybe sometimes to temper their own hyper criticism when they lose their sense of humor to bitterness.

We saw a terrific couple of movies made in the 1940s starring Edward Arnold.  The first was adapted from a novel called Odor of Violets by Baynard Kendrick.

Basically they were a hundred times more interesting than all the Spiderman type heroes of today’s movies.  The detective in the 2 1940s movies was blinded in World War I and developed extraordinary faculties often associated with very accomplished blind people who have managed to developed sophisticated methods of bypassing the sight venue.

The thing that made it interesting was that all his accomplishments are actually exhibited from time to time by people who have had this training.  In the fight scenes he was particularly versed in wrestling or ju-jitsu, and this is very realistic.  Once he was actually able to come into physical contact with the bad guy, he would know everything he needed to know about spatial coordination and manipulation of his opponent’s body.  And, in fact, as I’m sure you know, there have been some really good champion wrestlers. 

Naturally, he had learned to become more aware in the hearing dimension and the tactile dimension.  It also starred a very young Donna Reed.  You don’t think of Donna Reed being hot, but let me tell you, buddy, she was smokin’.

He also had a couple of dogs who also functioned as guard dogs and messengers.  And the whole upshot of the thing was that you had a kind of superhero based on reality and the actual accomplishments of people who have lost their sight.

Because of all this, in their own 40s fashion they were a lot more interesting than the idea that some guy gets bitten by a radioactive spider or something. 

One of the things about the old movies is that they were actually created for adults who were expected to come to the theater and enjoy a plot that could be appreciated by people who were beyond adolescence.  You know, there was no “We’re going in!”.  We were watching a movie made in the last 15 years in which some actress ran around asking why there weren’t as many roles cast for older women.

They finally caught up with Ebert and asked him why, and he explained to them that today movies are primarily made for those 18-25.  Needless to say, a seasoned 40 or 50 -year old man or woman is not going to be impressed by something the kids would find thrilling.

You know, Strange, if you are going to be up here, maybe I’ll stop by more often.

And here I thought the most appropriate Adam Ant song title that sums up Sarah Palin was Desperate, But Not Serious:

Comment by Surreal American on 01/13/13 at 11:00 PM

My favorite song by Adam and the Ants was always “Los Rancheros”, the chorus never fail to crack me up.

Desperate, But Not Serious

Sums it up completely!  Also, too, what Betty said.

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