Sarah Palin: The Bard of Arglebargle [Extended Dance Mix]

“Refudiate.” We caught it when she said it on Hannity. So did Wonkette. But I couldn’t figure out why she was suddenly Tweeting a defense of last week’s Norm Crosby-esque word-murder as a sparklingly witty neologism until I Googled “refudiate” and found the answer on Little Green Footballs

Apparently, Sarah didn’t just misspeak in her interview with Hannity. She was actually so confident in her use of “refudiate” that she typed it into a Tweet urging “Peaceful Muslims” to oppose the planned construction of the Cordoba House Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan: 

That Tweet was subsequently pulled and replaced with—natch—something just as fucked:

Congrats to whomever tipped off Sarah that “refudiate” was giving her critics a case of the giggles, although why she can’t bring herself to say “repudiate” remains a mystery.

Congrats, too, to Sarah for invoking the “Vinny Barbarino” defense by reminding us that Shakespeare invented the words “puke,” “unreal,” “misquote” and “torture,” without which reporting on the Snowbilly Grifter would be well-nigh impossible.

And, anyway, it says “unalienable” in the Declaration…so save your red pencils for striking those pork-barrel set-asides and economy-crippling Socialist entitlement programs from that Big Government budget you have going on out there, bitches. 

Co-blogger YAFB has alerted me to this historical precursement of Sarah-Speak, which is most ediflaying and instractive:

And, as it turns out—little to her beknownst—Sarah is not the originizer of Wingnut Desperanto, which has been a prehensile part of American political discus since the days of Goldwater:


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My response to the Vanilla from Wasilla seconds after she compared herself to Shakespeare:

@SarahPalinUSA likens herself to Shakespeare . “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

And Mr. Gimme suggested that I tweet this:

@SarahPalinUSA define the difference between ‘malapropism’ and ‘priapism’

Strangely, she responded to neither.

Clearly, Sarah is surrounded by illiterates which really compounds her problem—and her appeal.  Her problem is that she is an idiot.  Our problem is that idiots are very appealing to the GOP.

I predict “refudiate” will gain un-ironic usage, possibly even dictionary status, by 2012.  Maybe that’s what the Mayan’s were trying to warn us about.

Oopa, Mrs. and Mr. gimme!

I should have checked the Twitter responses while I was pulling this together, especially since the Rumproast feed had it five hours ago.

I saw it on FR, then tracked it to LGF…which turns out to have been the long way around the barn.

I’m almost afraid that if I check Sarah’s tweets again, she’ll have already pointed out that Chaucer used many funky words that don’t make sense today.

Shakespeare was one of them long-haired elitist pervert types who wrote plays and poetry and hung out with drag queens. Plus, he’s foreign. I’m surprised the Abominable Shebeast would compare herself to him.

Did you know that in Lord Byron’s Don Juan, “Juan” rhyme with “ruin”?

Shakespeare was one of them long-haired elitist pervert types who wrote plays and poetry

Assuming ol’ Will actually wrote that stuff.  If he didn’t then he and Palin have something else in common ‘cause she doesn’t write most of her coherent stuff, either.

Note to Sarah,

Comparing “refudiate” and “misunderestimate” to “wee wee’d” isn’t the same thing.  Not by a long shot.  For once in your pitiful life admit you made a mistake.  It might be the one thing I’ll ever admire you for.

Assuming ol’ Will actually wrote that stuff.  If he didn’t then he and Palin have something else in common ‘cause she doesn’t write most of her coherent stuff, either.

Let’s just say it’s a very safe assumption and leave it at that.

I’m serious.  You do not want to see me go off about the anti-Stratfordians, who are sort of English Literature’s version of the Birther movement.

And that said—I think Will put it best himself…  ‘Light vanity, insatiate cormorant, Consuming means, soon preys upon itself.’

@John Ball—I have a book with a printed portrait of Shakespeare and an insert image of Francis Bacon on an onion-skin overleaf. And when you place the onion-skin page on top of the printed portrait, BOTH FACES LINE-UP IN EVERY PARTICULAR.

Ipso facto. QED. You can’t fake that sort of proof.

Damn it, Strange, you had me at ‘onion-skin overleaf’.

I’m serious.  You do not want to see me go off about the anti-Stratfordians, who are sort of English Literature’s version of the Birther movement.

If you haven’t already you might get a laugh out of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, particularly the first one. Disputes/debates over the true identity of Wm. S. are a running gag.

That, ugh, “Tweet” may go down as the ultimate encapsulation of Rightism; being wrong doesn’t make you wrong, it makes you a genius.


wymmick (n): a gimmick meant to appease alienated feminist voters

unjobbed (adj): said of one who has no steady job but looks down on the unemployed

icehumper (n) 1: snowmobile; 2: one who uses a snowmobile

Nobel Prize in Lit., plz!

“Refudiate” is Alaskan for “potatoe.”

Comment by Steve M. on 07/19/10 at 05:52 AM


Did you do that, KK—or was that the brainchild of some other perverse, cynical sonofabitch?

English is a living language.

And like most other living things she encounters, she’s gonna slaughter it, gobble up its innards, and use its pelt as an antimacassar.

Well I refudiate your reality and subsequent my own!

I feel compellulated to draw your attention to this clip from the BBC comedy Blackadder.

Thank you, Brit. My appetite for video comedy has been completely sorensified by that archived segmentation.

I’m looking forward to a prospectituded Palin run in 2012.

Between the hillbilly teleprompter brazen-outalooza, sub-1st-grade doubling down in defense of neological inventificatory misstepifying, and Palin’s general inability to ever admit she made a mistake, by the time it gets to voting, she’s going to be a hot mess of repetitive tics, gimmicks, and foibles of her own private language.

It’s a riff on the old jazz advice that if you play a bum note, be sure to play it at least twice. (The alternative being to stare contemptuously at one of your bandmates as if they’d committed the blooper, and gesticulate to the audience to that effect.)

And her fans are going to have to justify—and even adopt—each and every one.

English is a living language, but, by golly, we must live & be governed by the original version of the Constitution and no changes must ever EVER be made.

(And the only possible interpretation of the Constitution that’s acceptable in modern-era politics is that of those on the Right, who have never actually read the Constitution.)

Also. As you’ll see from that Youtube clip, she totally stole the Bumpit from King George.

Laugh if you must, elitisist wordsmithiers!

But seriously, what’s her beef with this mosque? From what I’ve read, it’s not even at the Ground Zero site and isn’t funded by al Qaeda or anything. Are Muslims not allowed to build mosques in Manhattan anymore?

I have boiling pools of resentment for ALL religions, but even a hater like me can see this is stupid demagoguery.

The Cordoba House location is two blocks away from Ground Zero, and your average TeaBigots wouldn’t even be able to find it, or their own asses for that matter, without a map.

I know somebody on Community Board 1, who told me that what pushed them from neutrality into whole-heartedly approving Cordoba House was the afternoon of vicious, lunatic, frothing bigotry displayed at the microphone by some fine We the Peoples, who had never come out to express their opinions on any downtown matter before.

He abstained, btw, since his take is that CB1 should not be involved in determining the location of houses of worship. Nevertheless, his answering machine filled up with death threats.


Hee hee! has a Palin for 2012 ad at the top of the page.  Somehow that’s just icing on the cake.

Elisabeth—If you like that, check out the T-shirt link in the Rumproast masthead!

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