Sarah Palin’s America

Give a free man a potato, and watch Exceptionalism happen!

Open thread.

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I’d say that’s the future of American capitalism, but the sign says they’re closed.

but the sign says they’re closed.

Along with most other Spudnut Shops.  Curious choice for Sarah to have picked as epitomizing the American success story. ;-)

What America needs is another Spanx moment.

Spudnuts would fit right into downtown Wasilla. If only the parent company hadn’t QUIT on its franchisees, leaving them holding the grease-stained bag.

Half-Governor Spudnuts triumphs again!

Do I even want to ask what a spudnut tastes like?

It’s like a trucknutz, only chewy.

Do I even want to ask what a spudnut tastes like?

It’s just a doughnut with some potato flour in it.  Tastes identical to a regular doughnut if you ask me.

My brother and I actually sold them door to door when we were about 9 or 10 years old.  The local franchise was trying to outreach more or something and selling mini-franchises to local kids to make a few bucks.  As I recall we quit after about 3 weeks.

Are you sure she didn’t say “truck nutz”?

@Strange, I knew someone would bring up trucknuts, and I had a hunch it would be you.

@mar, donuts?  We’re talking about donuts?  Damn.  I was hoping for a potato crossed with ACORNS or something.

Ocean Springs, MS has Tato-Nuts Donut Shop which I’m assuming is like Spudnuts.  Those were the best damn donuts I’ve ever eaten; I’m trying to get my lazy ass up some morning and order a dozen or so shipped to me in Vermont.

(Maybe Sarah is having some cravings…hmmm)

From Wikipedia:
In 1975, there were 170 Spudnut outlets in Japan.

God, no wonder the Japanese birth rate has plummeted.

@Mrs. Polly ~ that mudlfats link reminded me to head there and get their take on “spudnuts.”  It was worth the trip. tf-moment/

via J.M.G. I don’t know what the hell this is, but if it stepped out of a dark alley I’d shoot first and then run off screaming. ( is the corporate website for the Tea Party News Brief, LLC. The corporate website provides hourly news updates, daily political commentaries, and weekly policy analyses for the Tea Party Movement. The weekly talk radio show can be heard on the corporate website and the animated news program can be seen weekly on the website.

It’s comin’ right at us!

@Hunger ~ I don’t think “nonpartisan” means what they think it means.  The tagline:

The Nation’s First Nonpartisan News Service for the Tea Party Movement

(The font is so crappy all the words run together.)

Agent Dale Cooper?

Wrong post, dangit.

Funny Sarah thinks everyone should just open their own donut shop as if she knows anything about starting or operating a micro business.

As I recall we quit after about 3 weeks.

Is that you, Sarah?

All this talk about Palin and doughnuts, and not once has anyone mentioned Bristol.  I’m proud of us.

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