Saturday Afternoon Critters: Les Chats Ninjas


Ours is currently examining the inside of his eyeballs in a Ninja stylee, in preparation for another Saturday night stalking punters hanging round outside the pub down the hill.

Posted by YAFB on 03/31/12 at 01:12 PM • Permalink

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When did my blog, J-TWO-O, become British?!!

(Btw, I found out there was a UK soft drink called J2O long after I created my blog, whilst visiting friends in Bath.)

(Here are pics of my two Ninja Cats. ;-)

Comment by J. on 03/31/12 at 03:13 PM

When did my blog, J-TWO-O, become British?!!

Aha! I remember reading somewhere that Blogspot has now taken to adding the country suffixes to blog names fuckedifIknowwhy (possibly something to do with advertising, or so the stormtroopers know where to start hunting you out).

Yeah, J., you and your Ninja kittehs are Canuck from here. You may be able to finagle this into health care, but I make no guarantees.

Love the vid. 

My ninja gives me an upper arm massage every morning at 4am, then lays on my arm with her soft, furry chest.  I know she is just softening me up for the kill.  Or trying to get her breakfast early; one of the two.

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