Saturday Morning Music: The Deluxe Jonathan Richman Edition (w/ Bonus MP3’s!!!)

I stumbled across two different opportunities to download some rare Jonathan Richman recordings (see below) and got locked into a massive Richman listening session, including revisiting one of my favorite albums of all-time, The Modern Lovers, which I had ignored for way too long. Here’s what I think is an unofficial video for the song “I’m Straight” from that album and three rare live music video that perfectly capture what makes the childlike Richman (and his shows) so special.  Enjoy.

The Modern Lovers—“I’m Straight”

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers—“New England”

Jonathan Richman—“You’re Crazy For Taking The Bus”

Jonathan Richman—“Abdul & Cleopatra”

MORE: Here are the tweet and post featuring rare Richman recordings that I referenced earlier.  You must download these hidden gems now!

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