Saturday Morning Open Thread

The Glasgow Herald‘s ‘Diary’ feature seldom raises much of a smile from me nowadays. Yesterday was an exception:

A READER on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train noted three raucous women on board, encumbered with shopping after, presumably, a day of retail and pinot grigio therapy. Across from them a fellow traveller’s phone rang and he was heard telling the caller that yes, he knew he should have been home by then but he had to work late at the office, and no, he had not gone for a drink after work, and no, he had not gone for a drink with the new receptionist.

The demeanour of the chap on the phone, says our reader, was not helped by one of the ladies opposite, when he denied having a drink with the receptionist, shouting across: “Put that phone down and come back to bed.”

Open thread, or how do you plan to irretrievably embarrass yourself today?

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