Say You Want A Revolution?


Unless you’re a right-wing extremist voyeur or really peculiar in other ways you were probably completely unaware of the demonstration taking place in Lafayette Square across the street from the White House, today.

The demonstration/occupation/whatever is being led by a former Reagan administration DoJ prosecutor turned birther named Larry Klayman.  The name might ring a bell because Klayman showed up at the World War II memorial for the “Million Vets March,” last month, to help the Republicans who shut the memorial down, reopen it. 

Not exactly a million vets showed up, maybe a couple thousand, but lots of TEA Party types led by Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz did, whereupon many vets hastened to disown any connection to, or endorsement of, the event.


Klayman was the guy who took that opportunity to grab a mic and call for a “second American non-violent Revolution” and demanded that President Obama “put the Quran down ... [and] figuratively come out with his hands up”.

Klayman chose November 19, 2013 for his Second American Revolution in Lafayette Square, and has spent a busy, busy month hyping it to the conspiracy caucus.  There was a Citizen’s Grand Jury to conduct for Obama’s indictment, a new Declaration of Independence had to be written, and reservations for Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia where the new constitution will be formulated had to be made.

The coalition that Klayman has pulled together is known as Reclaim America Now Coalition, not to be confused with Marco Rubio’s Reclaim American Leadership PAC or the Reclaim America for Christ movement.  [Lot of reclamation going on these days]

Well.  Today’s the big day and things might have gotten off to a slow start but probably the rest of the expected millions are hung up on the beltway.  Theoretically the gang is supposed to “occupy” Lafayette Square until Obama signals his capitulation, but the Park Service permit times out at 6:30 pm, today and I doubt these folks are ready for The Valley Forge experience, camping out in DC in November.




All kinds of speakers from every corner of the Kookosphere are on deck to gin up the revolutionaries.  Such notables as Pam Geller, Bradlee Dean, Joseph Farah and Alan Keyes are confirmed and, I suspect there will be a few surprise walk-ons as well.

So.  If things go according to plan, by 6:30 these righteous patriots will have sent the Kenyan Usurper packing and it will be a whole new ball game in America.  USA! U!S!A! USAAAA!!!

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Now Klayman is saying that President Obama has until “Black Friday” (the 29th) to leave, or he and his tiny band will start a “Second Constitutional Convention” and elect themselves as a Shadow Government.

I’m not kidding.

The crazie - it glows!

The Captain America top w/ the USMC dress blue pants (Next to the cornhusker.) is a great look for revolution!

Good lord, the fruitcakes are out just in time for the holidays. :P

The face-palming Statue of Liberty is wonderful.  And srsly what other reaction do you have to these lunatics?

Any GOPers show up for this one, or did they all have a modicum of sense?

Wow.  Derangement is developing its own political convention.  Oh, please, please DO make them do the Valley Forge bit, I mean, come ON, some traditions should be utterly requisite!

It could be the new reality tv show, right?

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