Scary Mooslin Supports Mosque Protestors’ Rights

Eat Pray Swim: Jabir heard about Park 51, or the Mosque, or the Cordoba Center, or Jihadi’s Playhouse, from the news stories about it, and he’s looking forward to the cooking school.

Another in a series of interviews I did at the rally against the (non) Ground Zero (not really) Mosque, in patented PollyWobbleVision®, although the camera doesn’t shake nearly as much as when I was interviewing those two biker guys. Odd, that.

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Polly—Please point to the doll and show the jury where the Bad Muslim Man touched you.

No actual Muslim can possibly be saner than a Patriotic Christofascist. He threatened you, didn’t he? And made you cry? It’s OK, you can tell us…and we’ll make sure this Totally Benign and Rational person can never hurt you, or anyone else, ever again.

Strange, I found Jabir arguing with a giant guy in a wife-beater, who was offended by Muslim women’s dress. Jabir said, “What about nuns? They wear head scarves too, but that doesn’t make them terrorists!”

Jabir must not have gone to Catholic school.

Giant Guy In Wife-beater and Jabir shook hands after the discussion, but Giant Guy really just weaseled out of further discussion since it was veering down the much feared path of rationality.

How awesome is Mrs. Polly? Let’s just put it this way, on a scale of awesomeness that runs from the lowest denominator—Kevin—to the highest, an amalgam of Betty/Strange/Second String posters Mrs. Polly is like, three hundred times more awesome than that!

Mrs. Polly, you were so sweet with that large, imposing Muslim and you brought out the sweetness in him. What an engaging conversation you had with such a takiya prone terrorist. He really had me fooled, and probably you too (for a while), but then again, there’s all that lying they can do for the faith! Mrs. Polly, you’re the best at exposing these horrible Islamo-fascists for what they really are: genuine human beings.

Nice job, Mrs. Polly!  Keep ‘em comin’!

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