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When Romney campaigns in Florida, there is one person who is notably absent: hard-right Republican Governor Rick Scott. It’s not hard to understand why; Scott’s approval rating in the state slightly trails that of the clap.

Still, the explanations of why the governor and the GOP nominee keeping coincidentally “missing” each other on the campaign trail are getting kind of strained. And Scott has apparently been told to make like a prairie dog and disappear down a hidey-hole during the GOP convention: Where he once bragged about a prime-time speaking slot at the event, now he says this:

“I’ve never done a convention before,” Scott said. “My goal is just to be helpful in whatever they ask me to do.”

The Republicans think it might be helpful for Scott to schedule a trade mission to Australia in late August. Or maybe visit a leper colony.

Speaking of Florida politicians Team Romney would rather forget, does anyone believe Romney’s hastily concocted statement yesterday about vetting Rubio? What a load of horseshit.

Romney claimed that the vetting process is known only to himself and Beth Whoziwhatzit—who doesn’t talk!—but of course the sheer volume of paperwork involved in any proper vetting (i.e., one more rigorous than that conducted for Quitting Bull by Team McCain in 2008) means scads of underlings are in on the process.

I saw the clip of Romney’s statement last night, and he certainly is enjoying this being the undisputed nominee thing. I’m sure it’s been hell for such a spoiled, pampered princeling to grovel for votes, campaign cash and approval from social inferiors for the better part of two decades, and Romney is starting to give in to the temptation to use his “boss” voice more and more now that he’s coming into the home stretch and has finally subdued the tea party loons and evangelical nutbags who hated his guts.

Can you imagine what an insufferable prick he’ll be if he actually wins? Watching Romney puff up from the ultimate fulfillment of his Oedipal ambitions would be damn near as painful as seeing him complete our national journey back to the Gilded Age.

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Posted by Betty Cracker on 06/20/12 at 07:44 AM • Permalink

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Here’s hoping the Paulmas keep up the full-court-press. 

Nothing highlights the Willard-surdity like the combination of Mom Jeans and the Boss Voice.

You now, I’ve never been interested in watching any political convention, particularly in the last decade or so since they’ve become such scripted affairs, but the Coming of the Paulmas has me reconsidering my opinion. 

Rmoney’s insufferable prickishness will go into hyperdrive once he has to actually debate Obama, and finds he can’t just dismiss him like some upper management competator that makes him look bad.

the Coming of the Paulmas has me reconsidering my opinion.

Oh, I’ll definitely have the con muted on the tube while it progresses.  Listening to a parade of functionaries giving Mitt sloppy kisses and calling Obama a Moor would be horrible, but there’s no way I’m missing the opportunity to see the Passion of the Paultards play out in real time.

@Betty Cracker: Did you see Colbert last night?  Colbert dropped a turn of phrase that just killed me, and immediately made me think of you: “Competitive Horse Prancing: it’s just like NASCAR, but in a velvet top hat.”

Link to Colbert.  The bit starts at 3:00, and you absolutely must watch until at least 5:45.

Comment by Lowkey on 06/20/12 at 11:36 AM

Lowkey, I missed it, but I will definitely watch that. Love Colbert!

I plan to cover at least some of the RNC live with my very own HandyCam since I live not too terribly far off from the site. I will share my findings with you lucky, lucky people, of course!

Just be careful Betty, you know the place will be crawling with CCP-holders just itching to demonstrate their vigilence!

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