Scott Walker and The Litmus Test

Technically, there really ought not be a religious “litmus test” when it comes to achieving any elected office. It honestly should not matter whether our current president, Barack Hussein Obama, is a Christian, as he actually professed publically many times over and witnessed to as a member of Trinity United Church for 20 years, is a practitioner of Islam, having some incidental relationship with that faith having a father and stepfather who were in some respects Muslim, or even as I am, an intellectually inquisitive militant agnostic. The First Amendment technically means that everyone is free to worship as they will, and does not deny anyone their rights because of some heterodoxy. This needs to be understood as part of a long tradition within US history, where Islam was considered among many religions as part of the experiment in allowing such a freedom of thought.

(Contra David Barton, who is an idiot, and is about as much an historian as I am an Olympic Decathlete. Even setting aside Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, or his Iftar Dinner with representatives from Tunis, the reality is that the Islamic nation of Morocco first recognized the US as an independent nation and that the Treaty of Tripoli declared us as “by no means a Christian nation”.  Islam was definitely a part of the Founders’ consideration of what religious freedom might mean. For that matter, the willingness to cast the US as having no part in Islam because the Islamists were the people who sold slaves to “us”—quite elides the actual fact that many of those slaves were also of the Muslim faith, and that supposedly “good” Christians willingly bought and held those human beings for generations. In other words, there were many Muslims here denied the right to practice their faith, as they were in every respects also denied their other freedoms, and it was because Christians did not mind any bit of that for a very long time, as their book never gave them a solid reason to. A very bad word I might say to David Barton for trying to erase that very real history. You can not remedy the enormity of slavery by disappearing the history of the people who were actually held in bondage, and you can not defend our founders by denying the shit they actually did. I’m sorry real history is inconvenient to paste-eaters like Barton, but whoop, there it is.)

The reason “liberal” or “mainstream media” ask a drowsy-eyed Koch-whore like Scott Walker a truly philosophical question like whether evolution is real or whether Obama is a Christian, is sort of a litmus test in whether he tracks to reality. Is he so completely a puppet that he can’t answer simple questions without being backstopped by a PR team?

Well, regarding evolution, he punted. When faced with the question regarding the current president’s allegiance, he also sort of punted. He “does not know” because he never read anything regarding the controversy—how Palinesque! I have exactly zero faith in anyone who can claim they do not know why they are being asked either question, and have no response. He doesn’t know if he is required to pander to the tea party assholes or has to be at least somewhat real. He hesitated because of alliances. That is so chickenshit. I neither know nor care what Walker believes, because he doesn’t hisownself. I just don’t think he ever should be president.

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Is he so completely a puppet that he can’t answer simple questions without being backstopped by a PR team?

Yep. Any further questions?

I’m told there used to be a blog on this corner.

That these clowns continue to militantly embrace ignorance and are elected over and over only makes my contempt for a major portion of the US electorate deepen with each example.

Seems like to a thoughtful, concerned voter, the various weasily forms of “I don’t know” regarding these questions should be grounds for instant disqualification, regardless of one’s own partisan beliefs. Walker, et al. are either hopelessly devoid of principle or fools. I think it’s the former. Someone who lies about something, even inconsequential like this will be happy to lie about things that really matter, like going to war for example.

And it seems, people who let them get away with little lies will also let them get away with big ones.

You know, Lumpkin, I think there is one other option: this kind of weaseling non response is the tribal signifier, the secret handshake that lets all fellow reactionary righties know he’s one of them, and he’s just playing stupid for that group that pays no attention to politics until 2 minutes before they vote.  The saddest and most destructive thing about our politics is these non-interested, easily propagandized people are who decides elections, and the Kochs (and their money) is very, very aware of this.  Thus, the malleable but not stupid cypher Scott Walker, Politician, is born.

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