See, ABC? This Is How You Give ‘Em The REAL Song And Dance

Oh, look, it’s ABC; still not admitting that their tin-eared right wing experiment Jonathan Karl was flim-flammed by a questionable source (and wishful thinking) into trumpeting his completely false EXCLUSIVE about the White House editing Benghazi talking points.

So what culprit fed faked notes from the White House Benghazi briefings to the eager and uncritical Karl? At least we can rule out John McCain!

On the other hand, this post could just be a thin excuse to post a video of Lee J. Cobb tap-dancing. As if I needed one.

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Gadzooks, why would any mainstream media outlet stoop to hiring a senior political correspondent who cut his teeth with the help of an outfit that produced Ann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza?

Gee, not only is ABC not admitting it, the rest of them are still running with that story.  Modern media is nothing but a game of ‘telephone’ with right wingers pushing the narrative.

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