Senate Returns To Normal Operations Following Navy Yard Shooting.  Seriously??


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So. the first headline I read this morning reads: Senate Returns To Normal Operations Following Navy Yard Shooting. Truth be told, I can barely remember the last time the Senate was operating normally.  I think it was sometime during the Clinton administration . . . ?  Whatever.  More power to ‘em, if it’s true.

Meanwhile, we’re cruising into waters where there be dragons and the whole damn crew is either asleep in the wheelhouse or drunk-climbing the rigging.  It’s not unusual for people wrestling with mental demons to get confused, lose the thread or do a 180 in their thinking.  Which seems to be exactly what we are witnessing, right now, with Republicans.

Suddenly, the little voices in their heads are shrilling a new tune.  For years now Barack Obama has been a super-scary, tyrannical Kenyan autocrat super-efficiently destroying the greatest government on Earth and bent on single-handedly imposing a New World Order of Sharia-flavored Socialism on the innocent, unsuspecting American populace.  Be afraid! the little voices said, be verrrrry afraid. 

Now. Suddenly.  The bogeyman is weak! oh so impotent that a mere poof! of patriotic resistance will send him scuttling to the Oval Office to repeal ObamaScare, his own self, with his very own presidential vorpal sword.  Whereupon he will repair to the Capitol Steps and set loose all 2,000+ pages, like little birds floating away in the crisp Fall air over the District. 

Then we can all go to the Shining-City-on-the-Hill Drive-in, drink root beer floats, and pretend it’s the Fifties and none of this terrible shit ever happened.

One might reasonably ask “wha happened”?  Just when did America’s First Dictator, on the verge of herding us all into FEMA camps, become such a wuss.  Was it Kryptonite?  Ted Cruz’s case full of Ivy League debate trophies? threats of TEA Party self immolations on Capitol Hill?

So far, the only “authoritative” source that Obama is about to self-destruct is a recent FOX News poll and of course the spittle-flecked communiques received from Silly Season Town Halls throughout the heartland.  Indeed, the only words that Obama has actually uttered going into the Fall Fiscal Debacle Cycle have been repeated warnings that he refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling at all, no-how, no-way and, in regard to a CR, that Obamacare is simply not on the negotiating table.

By yesterday, the President appeared to be losing his maddening patience with conservative government shutdown shenanigans saying:

I cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can’t get 100 percent of what it wants. That’s never happened before. But that’s what’s happening right now. The Affordable Care Act … was an issue in last year’s election and the candidate who called for repeal lost.

Clear enough and not sounding weak, at all, to me.

Republicans on the other hand are sounding silly, frenzied and directionless.  With less than five days to find a strategy that has the solid support of 218 House Republicans, leadership aides are running through the halls yelling:

Still planning to act this week.  Lotta ideas, no decisions.

In actual fact there are no ideas.  Republicans have squandered the tatters of leverage that their House majority actually had in order to promise wingnut constituents a result that is virtually impossible to deliver.

According to The Wall Street Journal, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asked Speaker Boehner what else on the entire planet the GOP could accept besides defunding Obamacare—Boehner told him there was nothing.

That’s just not a wise negotiating position . . . even if it’s true.  Republicans simply have no leverage but refuse to accept it.  The White House has nothing to lose, while Republicans juggle burning swords to entertain the torch and pitchfork crowd.  There are no elections for Obama to lose and the deficit is falling so fast that it’s sucked the wind right out of the spending cuts crisis.  If the government shuts down—or worse—if the US defaults, Republicans will absorb 150% of the blame.  Despite what FOX News and Jim DeMint tell them.

Everyone, including a healthy number of sane Republican operatives, pundits and supporters recognize that this is a suicide mission that the Crazy Caucus is goading them into.  Even the GOP’s staunchest fan club—the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal are sending up flares:

Republicans must threaten to crash their Zeros into the aircraft carrier of ObamaCare. Their demand is that the House pair the “must pass” CR or the debt limit with defunding the health-care bill. Kamikaze missions rarely turn out well, least of all for the pilots.

If this works it would be the first time. The evidence going back to the Newt Gingrich Congress is that no party can govern from the House, and the Republican Party can’t abide the outcry when flights are delayed, national parks close and direct deposits for military spouses stop. Sooner or later the GOP breaks.

We’ve often supported backbenchers who want to push GOP leaders in a better policy direction, most recently on the farm bill. But it’s something else entirely to sabotage any plan with a chance of succeeding and pretend to have “leverage” that exists only in the world of townhall applause lines and fundraising letters.

This is no way to run a political party and it’s certainly no way to run a country.

P.S.  This just in . . .

Republicans like the 2010 health care law better when it’s called by its proper name—the Affordable Care Act—instead of Obamacare, according to a new Fox News poll.

Republican support for the law jumped eight percent, from 14 percent for Obamacare to 22 percent for the Affordable Care Act, when pollsters revised the question’s language.

Overall support increased from 34 percent to 39 percent with the change. Democratic support moved one percent; independent support rose four percent.

Gotta love those low-info voters . . .

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ObamaCare will have death panels but they will be run so badly that they will actually save lives.

@gocart interesting spin.  I’m thinking I have to like it . . .

The Orange One has agreed to shutdown unless the President, against all rules of political sense and position, agrees to kill his signature accomplishment.  Showdown, here we come!

Here’s that Republican over-reach I keep telling everybody about, right in plain sight for everyone to see. They can’t help themselves like alcoholics addicted to the bottle, they constantly misjudge their own influence to the detriment of America. A pox on the GOP, I hope they get swept out of office like the Colorado floods, my apologies to anyone affected by those rainstorms, but the analogy is an apt one.

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