Senator Jim Inhofe Plays With Snow and Reality

I can’t help but feeling like being Senator Jim Inhofe is good work if you could get it. He brought a snowball to a science-fight. He is impervious to how dumb that is. I can’t imagine having a job anywhere on this planet where handling a snowball is supposed to invalidate all the points regarding global warming. Only in the legislative branch of these United States, I guess. Yay (um, no) us (no, we are not worthy)!

So for a quick and meaningful primer—yes, seasons still exist with global warming, and winters will still be the coldest of the seasons. It is possible that global warming has fuxxored the gulf stream in such a way that cold and stormy is the new normal for the East Coast, which includes Washington DC and Philadelphia, so fuck you, global warming!

The following questions I’d like to posit for Senator Inhofe are:

Do you think anyone ever implied that global warming meant there wouldn’t be winter anymore?

Is the freezing point of water supposed to change in any way?  (Show your work.)

Do you realize that the 10 hottest years have occurred since 2000?

What do you think of heat waves, like the ones Australia generally has while we US East Coast folks are wrapped up in snow?

Might I suggest that Senator Inhofe should go and investigate the Australian heat, perhaps locate a forest fire, and figure out whether he’d survive longer than a snowball therein? Or is my general disdain for his lack of knowledge transparent enough?

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Now I’m not very good at science, so forgive the dumb questions, but isn’t there a system of checks and balances in nature? So extremely hot summers might be balanced out with insanely cold winters until the balance is so far off nothing can save it? We’ve had hot summers, but the last two winters have been cray cray cold and long, and it never occurred to me that the latter meant there was no such thing as global warming, just that nature was trying to balance the mess out.

Which is probably just as stupid as most the global warming deniers denial of such, but I tend to leave climate stuff to people who have the training for it. Which none of the deniers do, so their disdain for what climatologists are saying is just beyond me on so many levels.

What stuffer-of-nerds-into-school-lockers idiots like Inhofe don’t get is that WEATHER DOES NOT EQUAL CLIMATE!  Ahem; sorry for yelling.

OK; I can play his game too: my crocus bloomed the first week of Feb here at 6,000’ in CO, and now it is 7 degrees outside and covered in snow.  So Senator Idiot, which do I “believe”, the 1 month early crocus, or the snow and cold? 

How about this: for the past 25 years I have been a back country skier here, climbing the 13,000’ and 14,000’ peaks to ski them in the spring when the hot sun and freezing nights turn the snow to a firm Slushy called “corn snow”, which is almost as good as powder.  Funny though, for the last 5 years, the corn isn’t forming because it isn’t cold enough at night anymore, it just stays slushy and becomes a bottomless, unskiable mess.

Oh, oh, I’ve got another one: a friend in Canada has a dad who was a warden (park ranger in US-speak); he showed his dad a photo of a high altitude warden cabin that 30 years ago was well above the tree-line, now it is buried in trees.  His dad was shocked.  Conclusion: tree-line is increasing in elevation because it is getting warmer.  That’s not a weather event, that is vegetation responding to the creation of new opportunities via continuous warming; this is a response to climate change, period. 

Eh, why do I bother trying to teach these idiots.  Once the permafrost of the world starts really burping out newly-thawed methane, we’re all screwed anyway.  Humanity as the smarts and the resources to change this outcome, but fossil fuel Koch-whores like Inhofe are making sure we never get the chance.

The “change” part of climate warming is that the weather pendulum will swing to greater extremes, like megadroughts and megafloods. Snowstorms and occasionally ice expansion might occur, but it’s “balanced” by desertification, and the “carbon sinks” in the oceans are jeopardized by the acidification that is killing lots of sealife. The ability of the planet’s biosphere to adapt to a climate that is too-rapidly changing is limited by lifespans, and the randomness of genetic novelty.

I worry about the escape of methane and the “feedback” problem a lot—especially these weird divots that have shown up in Siberia. It’s just genuinely disconcerting. More of them are showing up.

Those weird divots in Siberia are methane gas outburst craters, and they are a very. very worrying sign.

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