Separated at birth?


Axelrod photo from a shockingly fair and balanced piece on the Axe-Man and his family’s struggles with his daughter’s severe case of epilepsy at Fox News. Many of the Fox News commenters are, of course, horrible, horrible people.

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Well, not all the commenters are awful. There’s this one:

My best wishes and prayers go out to this child. Although her Father has agreed with and pushed for SOOOO many harmful political agendas, the child is innocent. On 1 “soapbox” note though… good thing Daddy has a job that protects him from the Un-Constitutional Obama-Care program and it’s evil ways. At least no beaurocrat will be deciding on whether or not this sweet child deserves to live.

Oops! Guess I didn’t read the whole thing.

By the way, when did this belief in “death panels” come back? I really thought conservatives were over that.

when did this belief in “death panels” come back?

Thank the witty and provocative Paul Krugman!

I really thought conservatives were over that.

These assholes still have trouble with the idea that African-Americans are allowed to vote and being gay doesn’t earn you a one-way ticket to jail or a loony bin.

So based on current observations they’ll let go of death panels when the Earth crashes into the Sun.

Well horrible was an understatement. But the picture made me laugh so all is forgiven.

David Axelrod will save us from a Palin White House, that’s all that matters.

My heart goes out to the Axelrod family. My best friend’s daughter, a twin, has epilepsy and is bipolar, too. She started exhibiting her symptoms before the age of twelve and at age 20, she has come through a lot. She lives with a part time home care professional who keeps an eye on her meds and her patterns of behavior.

My friend practically had to become a doctor to keep up on the protocols and drugs. Her daughter has been on everything in the pharmacy at least once. Her medical cocktails are mind boggling.

My friend’s husband, who also has epilepsy, didn’t show symptoms until he returned from Desert Storm, where he was a helicopter pilot. He is now unable to drive a car, much less fly a helicopter. He has been on disability after a long battle with the health care industry to get help.

So, I know a bit about what Axelrod is dealing with. I’ve seen what it can do to see your child in convulsions, helpless to do anything but wait for the seizure to stop. How dare anyone make a comment against that family. It’s heartbreaking.


Here’s an excerpt from one of the nicer comments on the article at Fox News:

She developed what is called “grandma” seizures which have grown stronger as she got older.

Jesus God. We are fucking doomed as a society.

Donnah, my sympathies for your friend. That must be a very difficult situation.

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