Separated at birth? Mr. 9/11 and Miss Teen South Carolina

Mr. 9/11 on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto:

Miss Teen South Carolina on Americans’ inability to locate their own country on a map:

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That’s the guy who is supposed to save us from terrorists because he knows so much about national security? He sounded like the class dunce making up a jr. high history presentation he neglected to research. I don’t think that would have gotten a D+.

I made the mistake of watching the Ms. Teen South Carolina clip first. Now I do not even want to look at the Giuliani video.

You can tell the guy standing next to Rudy is really uncomfortable with his answers.  Painful.

Agree with #3: That guy said more in his gaping silence than Rudy.

Agree with #1: pathetic.  Rudy makes Dubya come off as William Jennings Bryan in comparison.  And the outrage in Rudy’s speech must have been cleverly hidden so as to fool the terrorists.  Doesn’t Rudy realize how badly he’s coming off?

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