Seriously fRighties?  We’re Still Parsing the “Act of Terror” Thingie?

O.M.G. you guys.  So, OK, Obummer DID say "Act of Terror”, duh, on the next day but, but, he should have said it sooner, RIGHT, RIGHT ??!!!11?!!  Becuz waiting four. whole. minutes!!! into his statement meant that it truly was not an admission that it was really, really an "Act of Terror" because, well BECAUSE!!  9/11 RIGHT!!  So, OK, as if that’s not enough to conclusively prove that Barry was in deep cover-up mode he shouldn’t even have said "Act of Terror", he should have said “TERROR ATTACK”!  Or it doesn’t count.  Srsly, listen:

What’s that thing that someone said once?  Have you no shame?  Yeah, I think that’s it.

via Bob Cesca

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Just as “driveling idiot” isn’t the same as “idiot who drivels.”

My head hurts.

Do you think there is ever a time when a Faux-viewer suddenly has their bullshit meter hit “tilt” during hypocratic mendacity-fests like this one? 

Yeah, me neither.  Brainwash; it’s a hell of a way to limp through life.

No, see, the thing is he didn’t say the PRECISE SENTENCE “This was an act of terrorism.” Those words in that order! So, like, that’s the same as not saying it at all! Right? Right??

I’m outraged that the Megyn Kelly may have repeatedly said “I love to chicken-fuck,” but has refused to utter the phrase “Keep fucking that chicken.”

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