Set Your DVRs: “Boogie Man” on PBS on Tuesday

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story, which I reviewed last month, will air this Tuesday on PBS’s FRONTLINE. It’s a great documentary.  Make sure you check it out.

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/07/08 at 06:03 PM • Permalink

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Totally OT, but here’s jenniferforhillary’s next to final meltdown:

jenniforhillary 11.07.08 at 9:28 pm

  Also, for anyone feeling SORRY or glad for blacks in America…go google and read what blacks ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN were saying about us (whites) and Hillary for the last year…

  AWFUL HATFUL DISGUSTING THINGS….lots and lots of websites.

  FUCKING APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. This is what killed the feminist movement…women fucking apologizing to blacks…

  THIS WHITE WOMAN wants to officially state on this day in my life blacks can FUCK OFF. I don’t care if you starve in the streets, I don’t care if you kill each other over tennis shoes, I SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. You have shown me what I mean to you, what my work has meant to you, and what matters to you….

  THAT BEING SAID, most of my close friends are non white and I AM NOT A RACIST.

  WOMEN will NEVER stop being the Niggers of the world (Yoko Ono’s words) if we don’t stop ACTING like we belong at the bottom of the barrel…


  AND anyone that tells met that BO is a GOOD thing for blacks get ready for me to FUCKING FREAK OUT ON YOU. The FUCKING LAST THING blacks needs is another greedy ass money grubbing lying sack of shit pretending to be a leader….what they needed was Hillary CLinton, and what they fucking got was a black devil pretending to be a messiah…

  I am really upset, and I am sobbing again. I am scared about the news and what I am reading and what I am seeing. I want PUMA to be a place to feel safe and perhaps to even fight back a lil’ against the machine, but if when I come here I have to read apologies and ass kissing and such I will just have to fade away…

This poor girl is quite disturbed and has major ego issues.

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