Shorter Bob Somerby

Shorter Bob Somerby:

“Rachel Maddow hates poor people because she’s a Metallica fan and their drummer Lars Ulrich would rather live in San Francisco or Denmark than anywhere else in the world.”

Posted by Kevin K. on 04/28/09 at 02:23 PM • Permalink

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Why don’t cable’s pseudo-liberals spend time on low-income schools, or on tax or income equity, or on the complex problems of health care? Just a guess: When you look down on the unwashed so thoroughly, you aren’t likely to spend your time worrying about their problems. Given their obvious limbic brain issues, can this group really be helped?

Did I miss something, or didn’t we just run an entire national campaign on these issues? Aren’t Bob and his ilk the ones screaming about increased spending in education and healthcare?

What a fucking whiny moran.

Even shorter Somerby:

“I’m a WATB in an impotent rage that I don’t control the content of what comes out of my TeeVee machine.”

I notice that in that screed, Somersby mentioned percussion-re;ated terms countless times, yet didn’t mention jobs or unemployment even once!

Ergo, Somersby and his demo don’t care about employment! 

What an ass.

I know Al Gore said Bob was the smartest guy in the world, but can anyone tell me what he’s complaining about in the first section of today’s post? Is he actually livid that cable news folks (including Maddow—surprise!) were referring to yesterday’s airplane scare as a “photo op” when it was really ... a photo op? WTF?

I have a lot of respect for Gore, but he proved he was hardly an infallible judge of character when he selected Lieberdouche as his running mate. I was also mystified by Somerby’s photo op thing. I kept thinking, “Surely he knows what a photo op IS?”

I’m hoping that Somerby’s houseboy/sockpuppet comes back to semi-literately nuzzle Bob’s scrotum and name-drop again.  That was fun last time.

I’m hoping that Somerby’s houseboy/sockpuppet comes back

Same.  What was his name…  JonJon?  JarJar?  Seriously, Somerby is the definitive answer to all “respect me because I went to an Ivy” pricks.


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