Shorter HillBuzz

Shorter HillBuzz:

The TSA (Team Soros/Alinsky) is intentionally ruining the sperms of white, successful, straight patriots with DEADLY BALL RADIATION so that liberals, Islam and homosexuals can take over America.


Shorter HillBuzz II:

Gay bullying of conservatives has to stop.

Oops, no, sorry. He really wrote that. (Well, actually, he pretty much wrote the first one, too.)

Posted by Kevin K. on 11/29/10 at 09:59 PM • Permalink

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Wow, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that was a lost scene from Dr. Strangelove. “Precious bodily fluids” indeed!

Also, too, I think maybe some guys have been using the “Uh, I can’t sleep with you because TSA ruined my junk” excuse with the Dateless Combover Hobbit so as not to hurt his feelings.

Actually, a lot of gay men fly regularly, so they’ll be sterilized, too. But Soros says it’s OK because they can always adopt a black or Muslim baby, and anyway we can make all the gay men we want with our unradiated Liberal sperm and Godless public schools.


He’s got powers, dude.

Wow, even for HillBuzz, that’s - wow. 

On a related note - I saw a Hillbuzzy ad late one night last week out here in Los Angeles.  Apparently, it first started airing in some areas in September: 2-ad-released-_n_704737.html

Dear Kevin Dujan:

Your friend may be psychotic.


The Internet At Large

Thanks Batocchio~ not to brag, but Strange has the Hillary ad covered.

Well, that is bragging. But why not?

Deadly Ball Radiation is about par for the course at Hillbuzz. Oh my stars! I did not mean to do that!

But yes. If you like DBR, you will love his shouldernuns:

don’t need any ninjas in my corner, when I’ve got a bunch of ghost nuns on my shoulders.

(H/T a commenter at Joe.My.God. for that morsel)

His readers are a delight as well. Along with the people advancing their own conspiracy theories, we have this guy:

The scanning process is also teaching Americans to submit–the next generation will be easily herded. Instead of concentration camps we have slow methodical “gassing” of targeted populations–those who use air travel (think about the demographic) and the citizens of the Gulf who were just showered in benzene and continue to breathe it and drink it in every day. Cancer will become rampant and with Obamacare very few will get aggressive treatment. Viola–the extermination of nuisance people! {Emphasis added)

If these were my readers, I’d run into traffic.

Oh, cool, Mrs. Polly.  I’m not surprised you covered it.  I was just so amazed to see it air.  A mythical PUMA materializing on the teevee before my astonished eyes.  I wonder where and how often it’s actually aired.  (Also, couldn’t he have found a more flattering final image?)

Viola–the extermination of nuisance people! {Emphasis added)

Hey look, as a former violist I’ve heard all the jokes. (“Why is playing the viola a lot like wetting your pants in public?” “Both give you a nice warm feeling while everyone around you quickly moves far away.”) But this is the first time I’ve heard that it’s a weapon of mass genoicdal destruction!

This is obviously an excuse to get groped by a TSA agent the next time he flies.

However, Deadly Ball Radiation would make an excellent name for a rock band.

Instead of concentration camps we have slow methodical “gassing” of targeted populations–those who use air travel

It would be totes awesome if these simps stopped flying to protect their precious str8 white dick juice. I have to travel for work now and the flights are just too damn crowded.

Gay bullying of conservatives has to stop.

Allow me to translate.
Gays = Men who have the misfortune to meet him
Bullying = Refusing to date.
Conservatives = Kevin Dujan.

Gay bullying of conservatives has to stop. = Men who meet and refuse to date me has got to stop.

You’re welcome.

Dear God, is there a way to get this douchebag in the same room with Chris Barron. And then seal it shut?

Dear God, is there a way to get this douchebag in the same room with Chris Barron. And then seal it shut?

Just tell them that there’s a copy of the Whitey Tape inside.

Is this the Doughy Pantload school of blogging?  Ask for people to do the research to fit your preconceived notion so all you have to do is a couple blockquotes, a couple of linkies, and vIola! You’re done?

...And I thought the “TSA wants to sterilize you” comment thread was ridiculous. It’s like none of Dujan’s readers realize he’s gay. Although, I’m not sure if Dujan realizes that Dujan is gay sometimes.

Here is the end all be all of the gay community Perez Hilton. Sorry I can not stand him. He is the one person who turns conservatives off to the gay community.

There you go.  If Perez Hilton didn’t exist, they’d have no problem with gay people.

@Angry Geometer—yep, and if it wasn’t for whiny old Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they’d love black people too.

There you go. If Perez Hilton didn’t exist, they’d have no problem with gay people.

Ah yes. Those heady pre-Perez Hilton days. Equal marriage rights, open military service and zero tolerance for homophobia were the law of the land until he came along and ruined EVERY THING.

Yes, Douchie. Gay men hate you because of your bold political stance. Conservatives hate you because of Hilton. Everyone else thinks you’re a complete waste of space because of some other thing that is totally not a reflection on your sad excuse for a personality.

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