“Sit on My Face, and Tell Me That You Love Me”

No, it’s not a Monty Python thread. But that’s the absolute least heinous headline I could come up with.

Marine tattoos Sarah’s likeness on his butt.

Image below the fold, barring a popular-vote referendum to move it topside.

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“I decided, ‘What could be better than getting a tattoo of the hottest cougar in the Republican Party?’”

Literally anything.

It could be worse. One of those “Watch me make her wink!” tattoos, for example.

“If it was going to be a funny tattoo, I figured it had to be in a funny place,” he said. “I’d say it’s pretty famous in the southern California area.”

Southern California area. Is that anywhere near the Appalachian Way?

Sarah should make an appointment with an esthetician stat.

Where’s little Trig?

Looks like she has a bad case of acne.

I almost regret posting this, but somehow it seemed emblematic of the sideshow unreality of news in general, and politics in particular. Some days, I just want to sit down in front of the TV and stare at a test pattern.

It’s only a story when Joe McGinnis gets the same tattoo. (But of course his would involve poor little Piper, the unwitting target of pedophiles everywhere, at least to hear her mother talk.)

Yes, the swamp-ass makes a delightful background for her likeness.

She’s a pain in my ass, too.

Gunnery Sgt. Benjamin Lepping, an explosive ordnance disposal technician

And he’s stuck Palin right next to the blast site.

Somehow, given the location and the artwork I doubt Sarah’d be thrilled.  I wonder if the tatoo guy is a librul ‘cause that’s a really bad picture.

(BTW, when I was a sailor tattoos were actually a violation of the UCMJ to wit destruction of government property.  I had a hardass First Class threaten me.)

What slays me are the comments about how Sarah would love this, she’d laugh, she wouldn’t be offended.  Yeah, that’s our Sarah.  Great sense of humor about herself.

How soon before she calls the Marine a pedophile?

Of course, if you read the article before you comment you’ll find it’s meant to be a caricature.  Duh!  Still that thing is ugly.

Some of the comments under the article are pretty funny, too.

Considering that the Marine is currently stationed in Afghanistan, it’s a good thing he didn’t opt for the Mohammed cartoon instead.

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