Sleep Tight, ‘Roasters in the knowledge that rough wingnuts in designer suits stand ready to do violence on your behalf.

Don’t ask me where I found this. You don’t want to know.

PS: Everyone should go listen to HTP’s music video above, and then come back and stare at this picture. I swear your head will grow two sizes.

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The nightmares begin.  It’s Buck Rogers meets Red Dawn on the set of Clueless.

My loathing for you could power SUNS.

I welcome your hatred, Zandar.

Your tears nourish me, your anguish is like sweet nectar, etc.

Cordially yrs,


PS: Bwa-ha-ha, etc.

Man, the facial asymmetry is spectacular to behold.

I didn’t know Etsy had a paramilitary wing.

Hope you got your mom’s permission before you posted her photo.

My Mom says I can do anything I want,

I didn’t, particularly. Sleep tight. But I might if she would let me borrow her bullet bedazzler.

Great, now I have Julie Brown playing in my head:

everybody run, the Homecoming Queen’s got a gun…

She’s bee-ewwwtiful, like a giant shiny ice crystal.  A Hello, Kitty! logo on the gun stock would add to the aesthetics a bit; that’s the only nit I have to pick.

A Hello, Kitty! logo on the gun stock would add to the aesthetics a bit


Thanks Brit!  This place is magical!!

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