Slip-Sliding Away


For better or worse Operation American Spring has come and gone without effecting a peaceful overthrow of the US government.  OAS was six months in the planning, had a website, a forum, and a retired US soldier—Col. Harry Riley—at the helm, who was apparently quite impressed with the efficacy of the Arab Spring approach to governmental reform.

Col. Riley was inspired to take up the OAS banner because:

When Barack Obama became the White House occupant we saw the Constitution being destroyed and ignored at nearly the speed of light. We believe that our liberty and our freedom and our constitutional nation started on the downhill at something that we just couldn’t believe. We looked over and we said, we’ve been fighting for our nation for over 230 years and we have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren that are coming after us, and at the rate that Obama is taking us, we are going to be down into a socialist-fascist-communist-Marxist dictatorial, tyrannical system at the end of his administration if we don’t do something now, right now, to turn this around.

The usual racist/not racist American crackpot solution in search of a problem.  Nevertheless, Col. Harry was confident that 10 to 30 million Americans see things his way, and would drop everything to show up at the White House or the Bundy Ranch [whichever was closest] to perp-walk Obama and a laundry list of administration officials to Gitmo, then reboot America.  The Colonel felt that either Ted Cruz or Allen West would be suitable replacements for the president.

As it turned out, 300 or so patriots braved the spring shower on the mall, chatted with each other over bullhorns, then caught some rays when the sun came out.  The District of Columbia responded with a collective meh—George Washington University set up their outdoor commencement exercises right in the middle of where 10 million patriots planned to be, school group tours and soccer games took place, and some sort of health fair pitched a few tents to hand out brochures, confusing a handful of OAS operatives looking for a place to bed down for the weekend. 

So much for suspending the Constitution to save it.  But, in the end, there was something terribly pathetic about #OASFail and it wasn’t just the briefly trending jeering that went up on Twitter, Friday evening.  What’s pathetic to me is how truly awful and debased our political discourse has become that people like the OASers and the Bundy Brigade believe that they represent the mainstream of American thought rather than an anarchic fringe.

That anarchic fringe has always been there, just as it has always existed in the political spectrum of every society since ἀναρχία was a pup.  What emboldens such radicals to act out is usually a perception that a) their numbers approach a majority b) there is no social penalty for their actions c) god is on their side d) civil authorities are on their side or e) all of the above.

But nothing brings out the anarchic fringe like hyper-partisan political demagoguing and I doubt that there has been an era of hyper-partisan political demagoguing to beat the current one.  Starting with Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) crying out “You lie!” during President Obama’s first SOTU address, through Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) telling the President “I cannot even stand to look at you” or US Senator Charles Grassley tweeting that the president is “stupid.” From day one there has been a steady stream of blatant disrespect flowing from the Right lapping at the edges of everything Obama—from the office of the President, his cabinet, his appointees, his policies, even his family.

Obama’s election opened up an ugly vein of xenophobic racial animus in a subsection of American society that appears to include quite a few members of the Republican Party from the bottom to the very top of the organization.  Of course, as a sane person, I know that’s not entirely true.  I don’t believe all Republicans are racist.


But I do believe that most Republicans, in 2014, are cynical political underdogs who will exploit just about any instinct of their increasingly perverse base to get votes and stay alive.

And any American who would like to have his anti-government, anti-Liberal, homophobic, racist, seditionist, sociopathic, murderous instincts validated need look no further than cable news or talk radio to hear what his/her favorite Representatives and Senators have to say regarding current events.  The gloves are off and disrespect is in season.

Fortunately, as it turns out, there are very few actual Americans out there who resonate to such absurd political theater.  Do any such politicians or “patriots” truly believe that the US Constitution is that flimsy a foundation that any one man or administration could damage it so thoroughly as to render it useless?

If you do believe that, then that Constitution probably does need an overhaul.  For instance you might want to change it such that it only safeguards the practice of one religion, or such that it only allows certain people to vote, or such that, if you don’t get your way in the legislature, you simply shut the government down.

The utter, abject and very public failure of Operation American Spring should be a wake-up call for the Republican Party.  For all of your absurd posturing and dog-whistling, this is how many ‘Muricans you can get to the National Mall these days.  The Party’s over, boys and girls, and you should be relieved that it is.


As it turns out we should all be grateful that our government, led by our president, appears to be strong enough to withstand the most demented, sociopathically partisan internal assaults that it has ever been treated to and still stands firm.  President Obama is the president that the majority of Americans voted into office. Twice.  Those of you who don’t like him or what he stands for don’t like the majority of Americans who voted for him and who will continue to vote for candidates who align with our values and objectives.

The majority of us don’t want failing schools teaching creationism, crappy free-market health insurance, crumbling infrastructure, a toxic environment or perma-war.  We want consumer protection, minimum wage hikes, equal pay, marriage equality and access to contraception.

That is how this great country works and always has worked.  If you have a problem, go to the Constitution for your method of redress.  Get in touch with reality, go vote, go work constructively for what you want without throwing a tantrum when you don’t get it.

And if you still really, really hate Obama? petition your representatives to impeach him so that, like Bill Maher says—“he can kick your ass a third time!”

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Truly the twitter-storm over OAS was a hilarious thing to read and I got a few LOL’s out of it. 

The thing that bothers me though is the more often these whackjobs do crap like this “racist: the Gathering” the more they normalize this behavior and the more it drags the Overton window to the right. Therefore they are getting what they want, just not as fast as they want it.

I suppose things are at a higher fever pitch these days thanks to the intertubes letting every conspiracy theorizing nutbar find his fellow mixed nuts so easily.  I am finding the continued twisting of the dial past 11 scary at this point; sooner or later another one of their followers is going to act on all the daily rage injections and some innocent people are going to get hurt, or worse.

One benefit of the utter failure of OAS is a further fragmentation of the right- with accusations of “false flag” operations flying thick and fast.  I got a huge chuckle out of a bunch of true believers claiming that Glenn Beck, of all people, has sold them out.

The end result of such paranoia is typically self-destruction.

@B4 this one is my personal fave . . .

Is “Operation American Spring” Planned As A Massive Sacrifice To Satan?

Wow, it is getting fragmentary when they’re accusing Beck of all people of selling them out, though they are getting a slight clue about Beck: it’s always been about the money with that guy.  Hopefully they’ll all just be fragging each other and the rest of the country can walk on by.

That first sign!


That… That is just delightfully awful!

Yes, self destruction is inevitable but it Can’t happen soon enough for me. It’s going to take long enough that we will all suffer more real damage. Remember: they’re cornered and they are very much like animals (they primarily use their “lizard minds” and rarely avail themselves of their rational minds. Cornered animals are dangerous.

I suppose that guy meant “dissent” in his sign but “descent” is certainly more descriptive of where their ludicrous campaign is going.

That… That is just delightfully awful!

@OBS I did that top photo especially for you.

I remember that descent was not considered the highest form and patriotic in the Bush years.

Maybe it was descent from Prescott Bush.

The highest form of literacy.

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