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Well, the TEA Party sure has given America a boatload of dumb shit over a relatively brief period of time but Henry J. Radel (R-FL), America’s first Hip-Hop Conservative, has to be way, way at the top of the list and a sure contender for inclusion in this year’s five-volume edition of #GOPFails To Remember.

Trey Radel started out as one of those Rad Young Cons to Watch, a sure-fire change agent who would have undecided millenials flocking to the GOP’s Big Top.  And—BONUS ALERT - Él habla español.  Definitely New Age GOP.

What political donors and supporters couldn’t have known, at the time, was that speaking Spanish was key to Radel’s Colombian back-packing quests for the world’s best blow - a mission that pre-dated Radel’s recent enthusiasm for representing the good people of his home district in the US Congress.

So, when Radel arrived at the Capitol, earlier this year, one of his priorities was to hook up with a Capitol Hill coke dealer.  And that’s when Trey Radel’s terminal stupidity and narcissism ruined the whole game . . . thank God.

Mistake #1 - bragging to a drug dealer that you’re a big shot congressman,

Mistake #2 - trusting your drug dealer not to trade that piece of info when s/he gets caught and needs to offer up “bigger fish” for leniency,

Mistake #3 - not recognizing a DEA sting when you’re in one,

Mistake #4 - thinking you just might get away with it, anyhow, since you’re new in town and don’t usually go by Henry. 

Days after his arrest, Radel held a posh country-club “Gourmet with Trey” Naples fundraiser —and he didn’t tell some or all of the donors about the drug bust, a Republican source said.

This story is so very illustrative of what is wrong, today, with American voters, American political parties and the leadership thereof that it should be required cautionary reading.

Trey Radel has never been squeaky clean, and was, at the time of his election, minimally, if at all, qualified to serve as a representative in Congress.  Anyone who spent 20 minutes on the Google would have known that.  What kind of vetting do these people do?

Radel’s resume reads like the tale of a gadfly . . .  or a drug addict.

He graduated from college in 1999 so—over the last 13 years [that includes a successful campaign for Congress]—Radel has dabbled in numerous endeavors including: actor and comedian; journalist, working as both an anchor and as a reporter; TV and radio talk show host; owner of the Naples Journal community newspaper; and Founder of Trey Communications LLC, a conservative media relations firm which also purchased and sold internet domain names. 

When he decided to run for office, Radel set up a PAC for returning veterans called US Force Funds Inc which has also ceased to be, having served its purpose.

If I were a traditional employer, I wouldn’t touch the guy with a ten foot pole.  I’m not saying he’s useless, just that he’s not the best fit for a highly disciplined environment with a lot of responsibility involved.

Actually, the last bit, the domain name business almost scuttled Radel’s election to Congress before he got there.  Dubbed “Domain-gate” Radel and his campaign team were accused of “cybersquatting”—buying up domain names related to his opponents and using them to slam the opponents campaigns.

Radel’s reaction?

. . . his “campaign believes in things like strategy, planning, and capitalism.” 

And that wasn’t all that a check on Trey Communications revealed.  As Stephanie Mencimer reported in Mother Jones, back in 2012:

Starting in 2005, his now-defunct company, Trey Enterprises, registered a number of sexually charged web addresses, many of them in Spanish, according to historical domain name ownership records. Among them is cojible dot com, a slang term defined by Urban Dictionary as “a woman who doesn’t look good, but is good enough to sleep with.” There was also casadelasputas dot com (whorehouse), mamadita dot com (little blow job *), chicasderio dot com (girls of Rio). And in English: sexguideonline dot com.

The risqué domains have all since expired, and it’s unclear whether the web addresses ever included any content. Many of them forwarded to another site claimed by Trey Enterprises, buscaque dom com (which translates to “what you’re looking for”). It’s possible the domains were registered as part of a domain parking scheme, where placeholder sites are populated with ads and links, for which the domain owner receives a small fee based on click-through rates.

Just another piece of the puzzle that is America’s Hip-Hop Conservative.

So far every Republican from the Lee County dog-catcher to the head of the Florida Republican Party has urged Radel to resign and two of his staffers have already moved on.  John Boehner, on the other hand is inclined to allow the will of the people to work its magic [and do his job].

Evidently, DoJ is inclined to give Radel the VIP Treatment.  If he’s found guilty, the U.S. Attorney’s office said Radel could face a maximum of 180 days in jail, a $1,000 fine or both, instead of the life in prison without the possibility of parole that Sharanda Jones just received for a first-time offense very similar to Radel’s. 

Those attorneys should keep in mind that this is a man that told interviewers on the campaign trail that Cartagena, Colombia was his favorite vacation spot outside of Florida.

About that, Radel’s radio producer at the time, Mike Adams, reminisces:

“He would talk about his life, of being a traveler,” Adams said of Radel. “He would talk about hiking, taking his backpack and hiking in Colombia And, you know, it always led to, because of who Colombia is, it always led to drugs. We’d go to break and I’d say ‘Man, I bet the coke was crazy’ and he’d say, ‘Oh my God, you have no idea.’ ”

And TPM has a great photo-journal entitled “Trey Radel: International Man of Mystery”, for anyone who might think this is all just a flukey, one-off response to the new pressures of serving in Congress.

So, to summarize, the good people of Florida unwittingly sent this direction-less drug addict to represent them in Congress because the one thing he’s really good at is conning people.  Radel is not only a con man, he’s the kind of con man that glories in the con.

Trey Radel has abused the public trust vested in him and I, for one, don’t believe in second chances for that.

I feel sorry for his family and, for their sake, I hope that rehab does him some good.  But I don’t ever want to see his face in the People’s House again.  This is a man who voted to cut food stamps for the poor and to require drug testing of welfare recipients.  It just doesn’t get any more cynical or hypocritical than that.  And I doubt that rehab will do him any good in that department.


According to the Miami Herald, the pressure on Radel to step down is increasing:

Fueling the move to call for Radel’s resignation: A sense among some Republicans that his rehabilitation at a pricey Naples facility wasn’t genuine and that he wasn’t honest with them.

Two Republicans, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of disclosing private GOP talks, said Radel was reaching out to fellow Republicans to shore up support and talk politics while he was in rehab — instead of focusing on getting well.

“That left a bad taste,” a source said.

Bad taste, indeed!

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So, to summarize, the good people of Florida unwittingly sent this direction-less drug addict to represent them in Congress because the one thing he’s really good at is conning people.  Radel is not only a con man, he’s the kind of con man that glories in the con.

In other words, he’s the perfect Republican congressman.

@OBS . . . G!O!P!  HOOrah!

Usually it’s just “tax breaks for me but not for thee” from these guys, but now we’ve got “felony drug charge for thee and not for me” plus “drug testing for thee and not for me….etc. Jebus, what a hypocritical douche.

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