Somebody else wanna come up with the requisite “813th trimester” joke?

Never could pen a punchline and dry-heave at the same time.

Boy, AP, you sure do have the magic touch when it comes to encapsulating.

And the long dark night of the First Amendment absolutist’s soul begins… now.

In lighter news, an attempt to delve into Sotomayor’s record ended up yielding results eerily similar to the ones my recreational Google searches tend to come back with. I especially like 11, where they cite the back-cover blurb (NSFW, and probably not H either).

Still not as obscene as that AP headline, though.

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Since the PUMA blogs are going crazy because Obama hasn’t denounced this as terrorism in the WH press statement, let’s look at a Palin McCain interview on this subject (h/t mimi at Politijab).

And I found this Balloon Juice post very moving.

YAFB, thanks for the Balloon Juice link. I wish more stories like that one made it into the mainstream coverage of late-term abortions. They are extremely painful, difficult, expensive, and wrenching. No woman gets a late-term abortion (or ANY abortion) on a “whim.” To have to face the fact that a baby you very much wanted is gravely deformed and that your own life is in danger is horrible enough without a bunch of wombjelly-worshipping neanderthals (sorry, but I lack any kind of objectivity here) bent on punishing those “whores” who had sex and want to “murder” their “innocent pre-born babies” getting in your face.

And let me tell you, based on my years working at Planned Parenthood, good Christians take their daughters for abortions in astonishing numbers. And they count on the fact that PP maintains patient confidentiality to allow them to be out there in front of the clinic the next week, screaming about “baby killers.”

Re the Salon piece: As much as I would like to see Shrill O’Lielly suffer an unfortunate accident involving a loofah, suggesting he is somehow to blame for the shooting is incredibly stupid on several levels. Take basic history: The Fetus Fetishists have been after Tiller since ... forever. Anyone who thinks Shrill’s shriekings set this dirt bag off needs to get a grip.

HTP, I don’t think it could be said that he’s directly to blame, but he has, literally, a “bully pulpit”, and mentioning a specific abortion doctor’s name 28 times on national television seems to me like asking for extra trouble.

Even if the killer was fully aware of Tiller, making Tiller infamous as O’Reilly did seems to me to make him more of a high-value target.

Gil, I was just about to agree with you. Then I remembered how that worked out on the last thread.

Fool me once.

Mrs. Polly, that’s because you live on Planet Sane. The zygote worshipers didn’t need Shrill to make them hate Dr. Tiller any more than they already did. It would be entirely possible for one of those freaks to have never heard of Shrill and still pick up a gun and go after him. His fellow freaks spent a lot more time than the Loofah Rapist actually calling for his death. Oops, sorry, I mean praying for the Lord to drop the hammer on Dr. Tiller. I’m going to be charitable and say the author didn’t do basic research and rattled off his article without thinking because the alternative would be really depressing.

Anyone who thinks Shrill’s shriekings set this dirt bag off needs to get a grip.

Oh, I’ll go ya one better: I don’t care if the guy used a Factor sniper scope (1200 O’Reilly-O’s box tops) in the shooting; people are responsible for their actions, full stop. “Incitement” is the end-run around free speech liberals turn to when the boycott doesn’t pan out.
The man is mind poison, though. I’ve lost family members to Fox; I’ll defend their right to do massive harm, but only on principle, not because I think the harm is anything but 100% real.

Strange, so what you’re saying is that it’s Tiller’s own damn fault for being such a lightning rod? Thassa bold statement, m’man (aeriously though, I don’t think I can prostrate myself more than I already have, so going once, going twice. The last time an exchange filled me with that much regret it led to underwear being hastily retrieved).

Comment by gil mann on 06/01/09 at 08:54 AM

“Aeriously.” It’s like “seriously,” but with more Steven Tyler.

Hmmm.  I might look for the cause in different places.  Abortion has, and always will be, a divisive issue.  However, the religious right’s sway over politicos, and the pandering by the pols to this base, seems to be the problem. 

Framed as a social, moral and ethical issue, abortion is fair game.  Bring in religion to most issues, however, and you’ve got the “God” factor with which to contend.  You then move from “self-righteous” to “righteous in the eyes of God.”

Plus the crazy gets worse during hard economic times.  Someone who was dangerously close to the edge is easily pushed over when they lose their job or are worried they will. 

The rightwingers have been whipping their base (by base I mean the religious fanatics and other mixed nuts) into a frenzy all year.  I expect to see more violence or attempts at violence over the next year.

Strange, so what you’re saying is that it’s Tiller’s own damn fault for being such a lightning rod?

Gil, while I will humbly bend my knee to your jaw-dropping proficiency at erecting straw men, setting them on fire and then blaming the Invisible Hand of the Global Hemp Basket Cartel for inciting public fear of competitive dry, stiff plant fibers, I hope for your sake that you are wearing a cup when I raise that knee up again.

Feigned outrage and verbal misdirection are a poor disguise for your obvious cyrpto-Palinism and barely-restrained Likudnik tendencies.

barely-restrained Likudnik tendencies

Look, I’m sorry you’re not happy with the items you purchased from me on eBay, but I told you right up front there was no right of return.

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