Something Special Happened in Austin Last Night


Every once in a while, in the course of human events, a hero comes along, shrugs off insurmountable odds, speaks truth to power and prevails.  Such events renew our faith in principles, truth and justice and allow our better angels to fly in the face of hypocrisy and corruption.  Such an event occurred last night in Austin, Texas and the eyes of the nation were upon it.

Yesterday I wrote about Sen. Wendy Davis who planned to mount a filibuster in the Texas Senate in an effort to derail SB5, Texas Republicans’ most recent campaign in the War on Women.  Sen Davis needed to speak on the senate floor for 13 hours to prevent a floor vote on the bill before the special session, called by Gov. Rick Perry to ram it through, timed out.  Republicans control the Texas senate 2-to-1, so if the bill came to a vote, it would inevitably pass.

It’s not easy to mount a filibuster in the Texas senate.  Senate rules require that the senator must stand by her/his seat and speak to the issue in hand only, without a break for bathroom, food, water.  A strong majority can easily put an end to a filibuster by raising points of order and voting to sustain them—and it’s three strikes and you’re out.  A devious majority can even put up two successful points of order and then allow the filibustering senator to struggle along, nearly to the end and then pounce.

That’s what happened last night.  And with 15 minutes left for a roll call it looked like SB5 would pass but what Republicans weren’t counting on were the hundreds of Texans who packed the State House and gallery to #standwithwendy.  And stand they did.  Loudly.

Even after Lt. Gov David Dewhurst announced the vote completed and the bill passed, they stayed and #stoodwithwendy.  It’s a good thing they did, too, because Republicans had passed the bill by pulling one of the dirtier tricks in the GOP Playbook: turning back the clock.  That’s right! they lied about the time-stamp on the vote and changed it in their record system.  Anyone who left early would have missed the soul-satisfying reversal, by Dewhurst, that SB5 had actually NOT passed.

It was a thing of beauty . . .

Oh . . . BTW, if it weren’t for the now-gutted Voting Rights Act there would be no Wendy Davis sitting in the Texas Senate . . .

Here’s a little scrapbook from last night:

President Obama #standwithwendy shout out. #SB5, #standwithwendy and #txlege were trending all night and into the morning on Twitter.  Thousands watched livestreams on their TVs, PCs and phones.


Proper Filibuster Attire:


Out on a limb:


Dirty Tricks:


The Citizen’s Filibuster:


Victory for Texan Women:


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That’s some happy follow-up.

Thanks Bette Noir. I love the top photo.

The extent to which I’m politically active usually includes voting, signing petitions and arguing with my idiot bil about politics. After yesterday’s SC abomination I think that will have to change.

Yesterday’s SC decision was an abomination, but this actual, real, legitimate use of the filibuster (in Tejas, who coulda known?) should make us all realize that we can do more than vote, sign petitions, and argue with the BIL, and in this case, it worked!

What the hell is wrong with Texas?  With all of the problems the state faces, why do they spend such an effort on the War Against Women?

With all of the problems the state faces, why do they spend such an effort on the War Against Women?

Grumpy old white guys got nothin’ better to do as they lumber toward the tar pits, @B4.

I’m enjoying a rare moment of delirious happiness over DOMA and Prop 8.  I can die happy now knowing that my dear gay brothers and sisters, so brave and undaunted will never have to endure what my generation did.

It’s a new day.  It pays to be bold . . .

Wendy Davis is another brave one!  Courage makes the world go ‘round—thank all of you Roasters for being smart and open and human.  It truly makes a difference.

The extent to which I’m politically active usually includes voting, signing petitions and arguing with my idiot bil about politics.

Never undervalue “voting, signing petitions and arguing” @kg.  That is so much more than many do and the fact that you are here, listening and participating is the steam that keeps the engine going.

Keep on keeping on, we are slowly but surely changing this world for the better . . .

Damn~! Wendy Davis is quite the looker too! Brains, brass, & beauty, the total package.

Senator Davis was a badass and an inspiration.  But how are we going to beat this bass-ackwards bill again, now that Governor Goodhair has called for another special session?

Comment by Lowkey on 06/27/13 at 11:55 AM
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