Sometimes, You Just Can’t Get Enough Stan Ridgway

Especially when he and his band, Wall of Voodoo, have been retro-cranked through a wall of synthesizers to perfectly mimic the Spaghetti Western sound of gritty rockabilly tunes. (As Mrs. Polly notes, “It’s like Johnny Cash and Harry Dean Stanton had an illegitimate son and named him Stan.”)

In case you’re wondering, here’s the list of reasons WoV thinks most people are motivated to relocate in the Wild West:

“There’s a conflict,” he said, “there’s a conflict
Between land and people
The people have to go
They’ve come all the way out here to make mining claims
To do automobile body work
To gamble
Take pictures
To not have to do laundry
To own a mini-bike
Have their own CB radios and air conditioning
Good plumbing for sure
And to sell Time/Life books and to work in a deli
To have a little chili every morning
And maybe… maybe to own their own gas stations again
And take drugs
Have some crazy sex
But above all, above all, to have a fair shake
To get a piece of the rock and a slice of the pie
And spit out of the window of your car and not have the wind blow it back in your face”

For me, it would be enough just to see the Milky Way one more time, or to run my wounded brain through a sweat lodge for an hour or so. (More Voodoo Hoodoo to come when the right moment strikes.)

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Yeah, seeing the Milky Way in whole is awesome.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the West to be able to do that.

The West has always been a bundle of contradictions: leave me alone to do whatever I want whenever I want and at the same time provide enormous energy and water subsidies and infrastructure to enable me to be “free”.  The Mountain West is second only to the Old South in being parasites on the same Federal Government they all claim to hate.  Makes me laugh, but sadly.

@Jim Tarrant: You’re wickedly correct about the Milky Way and best locations for observing it. It’s just that my best experience with the Milky Way was when I was 7,000 feet up on a mesa in New Mexico, filming wind turbines at 3 AM for Mitsubishi. It seemed so close, I could put it in my hand and take it home for Christmas..

At our cabin in the Rockies in late summer you can see the Milky Way in the late evening like a whirling carpet of light above you.  Earlier in the year my husband would see it through the skylight in our bedroom if he got up during the night.  I just never remembered to put my glasses on though. ;-)

Actually Jim the West has gotten pretty purple - at least Colorado which has the most concentration of awesomeness per sq foot.

at least Colorado which has the most concentration of awesomeness per sq foot.

BIAS!  I’m telling Brent Bozell on you.

at least Colorado which has the most concentration of awesomeness per sq foot.

As a resident of Golden, CO, I heartily agree with this statement!

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