Speaking of the “Memory Hole”...

Funny I should mention Orwell’s memory hole in yesterday’s post... From the Department of “You Can’t Make this Shit Up”, Mitch McConnell basically wants President Obama to forget the past four years:

“Every four years on Inauguration Day, America shows the world that our major political parties can disagree with civility and mutual respect. It is in this spirit that I congratulate President Obama on his inauguration to a second term and wish him well in the fulfillment of his duty to lead the U.S. at home and abroad over the next four years. The President’s second term represents a fresh start when it comes to dealing with the great challenges of our day; particularly, the transcendent challenge of unsustainable federal spending and debt. Republicans are eager to work with the President on achieving this common goal, and we firmly believe that divided government provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Together, there is much we can achieve.”

Christ, what an asshole... it wasn’t too long ago that McConnell admitted that his number one priority was to make Barack Obama a one-term president.  Having failed in that, he now wants to call a mulligan and have President Obama pretend that the shabby treatment he received from the Republican congresscreeps for the past four years never happened.  For a party that seems to idolize the past, the GOP sure loves to shove things down the memory hole.  Forget the elephant logo, the Republican emblem should be a goldfish.*

*The pedant in me has to note that the whole three-second memory stereotype is untrue, but I figured the joke is in keeping with popular perception so I ran with it… and promptly ran over it with my “explaining voice”.

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he now wants to call a mulligan and have President Obama pretend that the shabby treatment he received from the Republican congresscreeps for the past four years never happened.

Hm.  I think we are witnessing behavior similar to that of the bully-brave frat boy that is realizing he’s just picked a bar fight that he’s going to lose.

and promptly ran over it with my “explaining voice”.

Many people call that “the Lowkey.”

He actually had the balls to say, “Republicans are eager to work with the President”?!?

Fuck you, Yertle.

I think Mitch McConnell is tap-dancing with confusion regarding a new paradigm where incumbency isn’t safety. There’s a reasonable possibility that he’ll be primaried from the right, regardless of how bonzo seco he’s tilted, and he’s paralyzed that a popular, likeable, articulate celebrity might challenge him from the left.  He’s not so much a turtle, anymore, as a frog unsure of where to jump. So he’ll try “conciliatory” so as not to be branded an obstructionist, but he’ll put out shamelessly paranoid NRA propaganda about gun grabbin’ wholly pulled from his amphibious posterior.
He may keep that posterior water-tight, but he won’t be alright if his record has any reckoning.

The necessary (for the moron press and low-info voters) statement of kumbaya has been made, so now it is time to go back to the usual backroom dealing and back stabbing that so defines this prick’s career. 

I think I am going to enjoy watching this amphibian deal with the heat on the political stove being nudged ever higher from both sides of the spectrum.

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