Speaking of torture, they’re letting this guy speak publicly again

Oh, America, you lovable buncha schizos, with your “nuke the ragheads” one day and your “yay antiwar black dude” the next.

I still can’t decide which I find more shocking—-that we let this imbecile run the country for eight years, or that we let him stop. CNN:

“The firsht thing y’do ish ashk, what’sh legal?” he said. “Whadda th’ lawyersh shay ish poshible? Ah made th’ deshishion, within th’ law, t’get information sho ah can shay t’mahshelf, ‘ah’ve done what it takesh t’do mah duty t’protect th’ Murkan people.’ Ah can tell you that th’ information we got shaved livesh.”

Yeah, that’s great, Greystoke, glad you could weigh in. I keep forgetting to send you a thank-you note for the whole global shockwave of anti-Americanism thing. And that was before you made us synonymous with torture and lawlessness, so it looks like I’ve got some stationary to buy, eh?

Oh, and from the links-that-won’t-ruin-your-lunch department: for reasons beyond just the obvious, I’m pretty sure I don’t have the option of not buying this.

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Good Lord, does Laura know it broke out of its cage? The Dubya probably got all excited seeing its old buddy Cthcheney lurching around on TV and just had to get its share of attention.

Really, WTF is going on in GOPerville? Their only real spokescritters are:
1. A former vice president who looks like The Penguin would if you stuck a spike up him and 99% of the world hates.
2. A drug addled draft dodger who lacks only propellers and some tail flaps to make him ready for the main part in a remake of The Hindenburg. 3. A divorce lawyer’s dream who can’t seem to get a real job even though he was once the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
4. Now they’ve let Chimpy McFlightsuit back in front of the microphones.

Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Yeah, that’s great, Greystoke, glad you could weigh in.

And this is just plain 2FF. My co-workers are reaching for the nets again.

Carl Levin (D-MI) has the stones to call Cheney (and Bush too by implication) a liar on the “American lives were saved by torture” canard.

This is important shit. I think they need to declassify the damn documents already and repudiate Bush and Cheney for the depraved liars that they are.

Betty - they don’t need to go that far. Just get the SJC to slap a subpoena on Cheney, and he’ll lawyer-up real quick.

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