Stanky McHangdown Tells GOP Leaders Not to Count on His Senate Vote

According to AP, freshly-minted US Senator from Massachusetts Scott Brown is prepared to “go rogue” in ways that may not delight Conservative supporters who hyped his campaign image as the “anti-Obama,” and viewed his election as a door-slamming rejection of the Democratic Senate agenda.

Scott Brown says he has already told Senate Republican leaders they won’t always be able to count on his vote. The man who staged an upset in last week’s Massachusetts Senate special election, in part by pledging to be the 41st GOP vote against President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday that he staked his claim in early conversations with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip Jon Kyl.

“I already told them, you know, `I got here with the help of a close group of friends and very little help from anyone down there, so there’ll be issues when I’ll be with you and there are issues when I won’t be with you,’” Brown said Thursday during the half-hour interview. “So, I just need to look at each vote and then make a proper analysis and then decide.”

Brown’s studly 1982 nude pictorial in Cosmo inspired some of his female admirers to dub him “Hottie McAwesome.” But the thought that “McAwesome” could rhyme with “McCain” is a stick of political mind-candy that makes even us Radical Lefties a little bit horny. 

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Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Call me a cynic but I suspect Brown’s maverickiness will be as mavericky as McInsane’s mavericktude.

@HTP—Not cynical at all. I suspect he’ll be an equal opportunity disappointer.

But it’s worth posting, if just for the opportunity to type “Stanky McHangdown.”

Donna, I must be linking incorrectly. The show I’m hearing is some guy reminiscing about having dinner with Tab Hunter.

Betty Cracker makes a mean casserole, that’s why. Tab Hunter was obsessed with casseroles.

Starting with a good base is so important. A good hearty stock will always make for a richer dish than using canned cream of turkey. Or other pallid flour-and-milk arrangements.

Some commentators thought that going with Brown was a sign that the teabaggers were getting smarter.  I personally suspect that’s just another sign of their never give up and never think things through spirit, where the opportunity to put a Repub behind in the EVIL Teddy K.‘s seat made them ignore the fact they were voting for a glib opportunist who was probably going to throw quite a few sops to the liberal Cerberus…

C’mon people, it’s an election year, and anyone who’s been paying attention knows that the Republicans have been doing an extraordinarily good job of tacking hard to the center.

They can also read the tea leaves as good as anyone…the American public is really, REALLY impatient right now, and if the GOP re-takes congress and fails to get any substantive legislation done, they’ll be right back out of power in two years.

Brown and the Republican leadership have struck a deal.  He gets to vote occasionally with the Democrats during the balance of Kennedy’s term, and once he gets elected to a full term he’s all theirs, baby!

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