State Of The Union Open Thread And Unicorn Watch

Now We Can Haz Unicorn PlZ??

President Obama will address income inequality (ouch, Mitt!), outsourcing (ouch, Mitt) and Congressional obstructionism, and outline an economic blueprint to which Mitch Daniels will then respond using his new, GOP-issued oligarch-friendly talking points.

Streaming.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Drinking games are just not as much fun since excerpts of both the speech and response are in pre-release, but here’s one anyway.

May be semi-live-blogged by yr. semi-live Mrs. Polly, but feel free to take the reins from my bloodless fingers.

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Ooooo! MSNBC just showed President Obama and the First Lady leaving the White House for the speech! She’s wearing a stunning blue dress! Must be a coded message for the faithful!

There’s Hills applauding her boss!

Lovely hug for Gabby Giffords. I can hardly wait to find out from the Freepers how horribly exploitive/grandstanding/amoral it was.

Osama Dead.

Iraq war over.

We can work together.

My grandparents were American, by the way.

If I’d been betting me, I’d owe me a drink:

So after parading Gabriel Giffords around as a symbol of those damn Republicans and their crosshairs, the First Bratwurst enters, looking stunning in her blue dress.

203 posted on Tue Jan 24 2012 21:21:15 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) by SpaceBar

Bring back American manufacturing, the way I brought back the American auto industry.

Complaints about use of the word “I” to follow on your PUMA broadcasting network, if they can figure out how to attach the string to the tin can.
Complaints about bringing back the auto industry, not so much.

Feel free to step in any time, btw.

The Pres mentions tax reform, and Eric Kantor looks like an Easter Island head.

Choked on my drink when Cantor’s sourpuss came onscreen.

The Guardian is live-blogging the speech also, so if I step away for an hour or two, I’m sure they’ll do their best to fill in.

The White House also has another stream available that includes charts and Sensurround™.

The Guardian is live-blogging the speech also

This is a very unusual presidential debate: the moderator hasn’t stopped Obama speaking. In fact he appears to be the only candidate on stage.


Michael Bloomberg won’t be happy.

McCain looks like he wants to help Obama self-deport to Nairobi.

Boehner’s tie is strobing. Or maybe he’s dribbling.

If America can rebuild Boehner’s crumbling infrastructure, surely we can do the same for the rest of the country!

Oh yeah, regulations actually regulate things that might otherwise hurt us.

I thought they were just for strangling corporations, which, are, you know, ppl.

Richard Cordray! Loved yr work on the Daily Show!

The righty blogs are giving up on hope and change.

THE INSTADAUGHTER SAYS OBAMA’S TIE WAS “A TERRIBLE CHOICE — IT TOTALLY CLATCHES WITH THE FLAG BEHIND HIM.” (“Clatches” = clashes but you think it matches). That’s surprising — his suits and ties are usually perfect. That’s my only SOTU liveblog. We’re going to watch Big Bang Theory. It’s a rerun, but so is this speech.

New from the Romney campaign tonight. Good video, good timing.

“The unemployed don’t get tickets to sit next to the First Lady”

Scandal of the night:

Obama to Congresswoman at SOTU: Don’t Get Lipstick On Me (Video)


Oh for the thought and the vision of our Sarah to be delivering a STOU speech.!!!!!!!  Sarah, “for such a time as this”  I am 62 years old.  Will I see Sarah’s vision?  I pray to the Lord!!!!!


Mittens’ earburning moment is at hand.

The millionaires’ congress applauds.

Boehner doesn’t applaud paying his fair share of taxes.



Politer than the version I self-deported from my comment.

Somebody’s either yodeling or hog hollering at the back.

I don’t need no stinking Guardian liveblog.

BO’s obviously been watching the GOP POTUS debates, and regurging some of their policy points. Also, he must’ve been really jealous of Newt’s standing ovations and uproarious applause during the SC debates. Apparently the word went out that Congress was to applaud furiously and often stand up during this speech. There is a high-pitched desperation in BO’s voice that I’ve not noticed before.

Sorry, solar flare interrupted my transmission, or else FDL shrieks when Obama invoked Lincoln caused a rift in fabric of space/time.

Richard Adams at the Guardian is wondering whether Obama just called for an end to the filibuster.

C4Pers continue to prove they’ve never watched a SOTU before:

Are Republican members of Congress standing up and clapping Obama’s speech?

Is that an Alice band on Hillary’s head or electrodes? PUMAs just asking.

This using the troops thing to make a rhetorical point, did he remember to pay a royalty to Sarah Palin?

Oh yeah, he was actually talking about them, not himself. Never mind.

And ... we’re done.

From Balloon Juice’s open thread, apparently Andrew Sullivan is having conniptions. I’m not sure why that matters.

an Alice band on Hillary’s head

Hillary’s reached the “I don’t care any more, I like’em and I’m wearin’ em” stage in her political career.

In other words, I think she’s signaling an intention to retire in comfort. With headbands.

It’s the circle of life!


I don’t pass judgment on what people do in the privacy of their vegetable gardens.  And neither should any of you.

I understand Herman Cain is to give the Tea Party rebuttal on behalf of hasbeens everywhere.

The Guardian‘s Ewen McAskill, a Paisley man IIRC, and not given to hyperbole, said:

This is one of the most populist speeches I have ever heard. He has just called for curbs on influence of money on politics. Add that to a list that includes comprehensive immigration reforms, supporting clean energy industry, help for mortgage owners, cutting red tape, crack down on financial fraud, including investigation into housing market collapse, help for college students. Almost none of this, maybe none of it, is going to happen soon. But good politics to highlight difference between where he stands and where the Republicans in Congress stand.

Hold onto your socks, Mitch Daniels is going to have a go at the response, live from what he thinks will be the home of SuperBowl 46~~~if the Players’ Union doesn’t apply a little muscle to him.

Sweet jebuz how did this Daniels character ever get elected. Monte Burns sparkles in comparison.

Soon to have PROFITT!

My lord, Mitch Daniels is an underwear gnome.

So….the centerpiece of his speech is cutting benefits off for millionaires?


That was easy.

Now what do we do?

I think the Republicans jonesing for a Mitch Daniels run have just spontaneously recovered.

Fucking ends with a zombie Reagan ref. DIAF Daniels.

That was a stem-winder, wasn’t it?

If the stem was a mushy, mushy banana.

Hee, I like Rachel Maddow when she is spanking Chris Matthews.

And now for the Has-been response, Ladies and Gents, the Tea Party Express erstwhile candidate, Herman Cain!

In Megalomaniavision and Nonsenssurround, for your viewing,cognitive and audio dissonance.

Th-th-they want c-c-commonsense so-so-solutions.

I have one: MIC CHECK!

Rachel Maddow when she is spanking Chris Matthews.


OT, but long-time mancrush Steve Benen is joining Maddow’s outfit as a producer and MSNBC contributor, and will be blogging from The Maddow Blog after tomorrow.

I think Cain’s stage set needs MOAR FLAGS!!!!

Also audience microphones.

And to think, Larry Sinclair himself once stood at that podium. What a proud moment for Herman Cain. H-h-he may be the l-l-luckiest man-an-an on the face-ace-ace of the earth-rth-rth.

Bachmann’s with Greta on Fox if anybody needs a laugh.

I know I’m not the only one getting the screwed up audio from the Tea Party Express. Someone tweeted “FIX YOUR AUDIO,” to no effect.

I think that’s how Herman Cain really sounds.

that’s how Herman Cain sounds

Actually, his policy position is really only NINE.

Andrew Sullivan is no Ewen McAskill:

We voted for Obama; now we find we got another Clinton. The base will like this. I’m not sure independents will. As performance, he did as well as he could with the thin material he had in his hands. As a speech, I thought it was the worst of his SOTUs, when he really needed his best.

McAskill we’d like back after he’s finished reporting on the campaign. Sullivan’s all yours.

What could we give Sully to self-deport?

I hear Brazil’s sunny and not unfriendly to moneyed foreign dissidents.

Oh, and somehow tonight Google’s sending some lost souls to this old thread. I’m glad. It evens out the wear on the Paul eyebrow one.

The Half-been’s response time is slowing down! No withering SOTU rebuttal tweets yet!

Sullivan’s got it in his head that tax reform is sexy during an election year for some reason. Also, he seems bummed that Obama is actually talking to his base a bit with the liberal stuff—wow. Failing to comprehend calendar/electorate relationship. Oh Sully.  Why can’t politics be more pure? People, drat them. Me, I liked how Obama popped a pellet in so many GOP talking points. Job Killing regulations? Pop. America’s decline? Pop. The dig at “some people” who wanted Detroit to fail had me chuckling. Pop. Mitt Romney—this SOTU was for you, jackass.

I’m not gonna follow the rebuttals because I want to sleep well tonight. I get the feeling they’d bring me down.

The Half-been’s response time is slowing down! No withering SOTU rebuttal tweets yet!

I think she’s hiding from Chris Christie.

Not recommended for night-time viewing, but if you can watch Sullivan’s defense of Thatcher and ever take anything he says seriously again, well ...

Just want you to know that I checked and it was Officially not only not good enough, it couldn’t have been good enough.

Now that I know what I am supposed to think about it, I’m calling it a night.

Comment by Davis X. Machina on 01/24/12 at 11:57 PM

Shorter DU (and I’ve been a DU member since 2002): Obama, Y U NO Dan Choi?

I’m not saying some posters at DU are wrong, mind you, only that Platonic liberalism is a snowflake that doesn’t exactly manage well in the rarified hot-air environment of an at least two-party system.  Also something something Chris Hedges, Something something, would you like a Thin Mint? I support Girl Scouts because cookies rock, diversity is awesome, and one should always be prepared. I also always vote Democratic.

Just want you to know that I checked and it was Officially not only not good enough, it couldn’t have been good enough.

I think he’s just sore at a bunch of the usual Obama critics cheering it on (I think it’ll take till morning for the sour backlashers to regroup and get up a full head of steam).

Yes, I loved “Why I didn’t listen,” and then this is a gem: He deliberately said “Send a bill to Congress” instead of saying “I will MAKE Congress bend to my will!”

Now I’m going to go off and dream that the President’s just sending me bills, when really what I want….

Yes, I loved “Why I didn’t listen,”

I think “I heard a different speech than many here.” handily covers all bases for those who favor inchoate disapproval that brooks no counter.

Nos da, Mrs. P.

Meanwhile, the Metafilter response is shockingly mostly positive.

Comment by Comrade Mary on 01/25/12 at 01:46 AM

Holy Shit!  He did it again: 9917-american-hostage-in-somalia-rescued-by-us-navy-seals-in -overnight-raid#.Tx-e0OtDUXY.twitter

Comment by Nellcote on 01/25/12 at 03:01 AM

Nothing says immature and emoproggy like posting an Arcade Fire vid as commentary on a SOTU. forum=1002&pid=216807

Comment by Foregone Conclusion on 01/25/12 at 04:24 AM

Speaking of winger blogs, here’s a winning formula!:

Imapopulistnow says:
January 24, 2012 at 10:46 PM

If I heard correctly, I need to vote for Gingrich in the Florida primary so that Mitch Daniels gets drafted into the race. Something to strongly consider.

@nellcote: pool on how long it takes for somebody, either Freeper or Firebagger, to whine that the President deliberately timed the raid to coincide with the SOTU for political purposes?

Oh, wait, Metafilter is back to normal. Thank God!

Comment by Comrade Mary on 01/25/12 at 10:58 AM
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